Pro's playing against amateurs? why

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There needs to be a better matching of players of similar skill levels. Do high school football players play try hard NFL teams? Do high school wrestlers fight try hard pro MMA stars? Do beer league hockey players  play against a pro team out to destroy them? No ! but do .345 or ..500's K/D players get matched up with 4.95's and 3.78's in all COD games? YES! all the time. We all want to enjoy this game but how much fun is being slammed to the floor each time we play by those that consider themselves pro players for the amateur player or weekend player?

Now I know I'll get nothing but negative comments by the keener try hards here that like destroying new players, I expect that here after reading the replies to most questions I've read on these boards but go ahead rant about how newbies deserve abuse for not spending every waking moment bashing buttons instead of working for a living. Why don't the pro players play players with similar skills? Is it because it makes them feel less superior or the little darling need their ego inflated?

I play Free for all 90% of the time and with 8 players there is usually 1 or 2  (self proclaimed ) pro players that have  K/D's of 3.0 or higher matched up against .345's or .500's and the 3.0 usually gets  a 30 - 2 win. When on the odd occasion the there is an equal matching of skills there is a hard fought battle and multiple players end up with 25- 20 or 28-22 and rarely are there 0-24 or 2 - 20 fun for all. But who wants that ? It's much better for the whole game when slaughters take place, Right?  How hard would it be to match up 1.50 and lower and keep 1.51  on upwards with the higher skilled players?

  We all don't have endless hours to master the button bashing skills it takes to be a self proclaimed pro but we all deserve to enjoy what we paid for.

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I've asked the same thing before and all the high k/d super spazz players will be on here in just a moment saying "It's how you get better kid."...No, getting beat 75-20 every time is not "getting better", it's just helping the spazz players improve their K/D.  It's the same reason why they complain when their favorite gun gets nerfed.  Just a bunch of players who don't know how to enjoy gaming without being super competitive...I love winning but I don't mind losing...I just don't like getting in to matches with full clans and absolutely no chance to win.

So, I agree 100% with you.  I would love to play with players in a full lobby with K/D 1.25-2.0.  I'm 1.47 and I get stuck against players ranging from 0.2 all the way to 5.0.  It's no fun playing either players.

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I get your point. It's valid and tbh I feel ghosts must be absolute torture for a new player to 'get into the mp game'.

The main reason I don't think skill based matchmaking is used is to prevent fragmenting the player base and causing more laggy games than needed. If that's the case then the only viable solution is to add a let's say low kd/training/get better/call it whatever you want moshpit playlist. So if you keep getting hammered it'd be pretty obvious there's always that fallback option to go to. How they'd stop pro's from abusing it idk but with some careful thought I'm sure the bigwigs could figure it out.

There's various methods to get clued up about cod, YouTube,websites, even cod videos albeit not a lot. Then again many gamers just want to play the game and don't research it first so in my opinion the best place to help new gamers out is the game itself. After each game there could be an in depth paragraph about perks and the like to help explain in depth the pro's and con's and how they'll improve even the clueless gamers experience.

There's not a change one thing fix all solution but at least they nerfed the killstreaks now to at least let noobs get thrashed mainly by gun on gun encounters.

There's always going to be better players out there beasting it up, even if pro's they need to practice somewhere. It's also up to the individual player to try and put some effort in if they want to get good but some players have fun regardless win or lose, high or low kd and maybe they're having the last laugh thinking look at all these diehards taking this game way too seriously

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Matchmaking in 6v6 games wouldn't be as easy as you think.. if your clan is anything like mine there are k/d's ranging from .9-6.00 and we all play together... I'm not sure how matchmaking would work.

Even in FFA games, while it would be a little easier.. it doesn't change the fact that some people want to vs. their friends and join each other's sessions. Those people's k/d's could be on completely different levels. I know it's annoying when you go into a game solo and get pissed when your team has .6 k/d's and the other team has higher but a lot of people go into lobbies as a team and their k/d's are not the same.

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I agree mrmullock. I usually play HC team games. But when I tried to play FFA to earn 1000 points with 5 wins I find the following: 5 to 6 guys where the play is real even, and one moron that was born with a controller in his hand going 30-8 each game.  Dude, I get it, your good we aren't---now go into a room with other social delinquents that play COD 40 hours / week and leave those of us that carve up 5 hours a week away from our wife and kids to have fun against other guys our skill level.

On the other hand if you do get together with a group of 5 other friends you can be effective in team games, even if you aren't great.  Largely since the guys I play with communicate and are team players, we do fairly well against clans. The social delinquents generally have a hard time playing nicely with others and either don't try for objectives or spend so much time screaming obscenities about "lag, cheap shot whores, morons" that they don't score great in team settings.

Anyway, try playing team games in hardcore with some buds, you might be surprised how well you do.

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When people say things like "pros that play 40 hours a week" or "people that don't have a life and are pros" it ruins your argument. I have played many people that play 40+ hours a week and are still horrible at the game. as well as play people who may only play 3 hours a day or less and rock the game. Hours played does not directly correlate to performance. It CAN help but sometimes it doesn't. I play 2-3 hours a day and I'm good at the game and still have a life. Not like it would matter if I did or not since people have different views on what is a life or not. You are saying that anyone that doesn't play much is bad or not great at the game and I'm here to tell you youre post is wrong.

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Oh no sir I wasn't suggesting that flat out lol people that play a lot are not usually the good players lol but to be a "pro" anything, you have to devote a large portion of your time to whatever it is you're a professional about. It comes with the territory. You're not considered a professional doctor if you only spend 4-5 hours a week on your practice... so you have to look at it from a logical standpoint on that lol I only play an hour or two a day, I'm good, not a pro but I don't have time to devote myself to becoming THAT good, nor would I want to.

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In the strict definition, isn't a professional someone who makes a living off said skill? I'd only consider MLG gamers with a sponsored team and everything as professionals. If there isn't an income, I think it makes more sense to refer to them as "experts" than professionals.

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True, there has to be some monetary income for said skill. What they're doing right now with CoD is really just setting up for the CoD eSport competition coming up - but a number of teams of these "pro" gamers are indeed sponsored through MLG and other outfits, and presently the devs have been focusing updates around this and these people. I think this whole topic got a bit out of hand.

At least it didn't turn into a massive flame war, or a giant troll lair, so that's a plus lol

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Look at their gamer tags they call themselves pro's there is no expert category hence the self proclaimed pro tag.

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