Pro's playing against amateurs? why

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I never get team players on my team

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Sadly getting rarer and rarer. Much more fun to play with friends when possible.

But there is a great satisfaction in leading a team of random misfits to a win, as difficult as it can be.

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Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable."

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What you say is true...but "super cereal gamers" will not understand...they are the ones that get on here and complain the most about something...IEDs, Campers, so on and so on...because they got beat and they hate it so much they feel they have to complain.  I have issues with 2 things...quickscoping and spawns...nothing else.

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you do realize high school wrestling and MMA are like hockey and ice skating. same basic concept but completely different.

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mrmullock wrote:

There needs to be a better matching of players of similar skill levels. Do high school football players play try hard NFL teams? Do high school wrestlers fight try hard pro MMA stars? Do beer league hockey players  play against a pro team out to destroy them? No ! but do .345 or ..500's K/D players get matched up with 4.95's and 3.78's in all COD games? YES! all the time. We all want to enjoy this game but how much fun is being slammed to the floor each time we play by those that consider themselves pro players for the amateur player or weekend player?

Now I know I'll get nothing but negative comments by the keener try hards here that like destroying new players, I expect that here after reading the replies to most questions I've read on these boards but go ahead rant about how newbies deserve abuse for not spending every waking moment bashing buttons instead of working for a living. Why don't the pro players play players with similar skills? Is it because it makes them feel less superior or the little darling need their ego inflated?

I play Free for all 90% of the time and with 8 players there is usually 1 or 2  (self proclaimed ) pro players that have  K/D's of 3.0 or higher matched up against .345's or .500's and the 3.0 usually gets  a 30 - 2 win. When on the odd occasion the there is an equal matching of skills there is a hard fought battle and multiple players end up with 25- 20 or 28-22 and rarely are there 0-24 or 2 - 20 fun for all. But who wants that ? It's much better for the whole game when slaughters take place, Right?  How hard would it be to match up 1.50 and lower and keep 1.51  on upwards with the higher skilled players?

  We all don't have endless hours to master the button bashing skills it takes to be a self proclaimed pro but we all deserve to enjoy what we paid for.

Honestly... since you are throwing around "self proclaimed" this means you feel that aren't pro players...

... so...

... I guess you are asking for skill-based match making?

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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"How hard would it be to match up 1.50 and lower and keep 1.51  on upwards with the higher skilled players?"

This doesn't work. KD is mostly determined by strength of opponent. So if you pair high KD players against other high KD players then their kd would drop and then just end up playing with the lower ranked players anyways.

The problem is 'KD players'. If they had a scoring system that rated players by performance against strength of opponent, then things would be a lot better.

First and foremost, a scoring system would take most of the ability away from players to control their ranking. With KD, players can just dashboard when they have a bad match, basically never risking lowering their kd- but with a scoring system they would have no way of knowing if going 32-14 is helping or hurting their score. At the same time, if they happen to be matched against high rated players, they could go 11-17 and still improve their score.

I think this solves a lot but unfortunately, COD=KD so it will never happen.

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I agree, to a point. I might be good, but I'm not a no-lifer who plays a game so much he becomes ungoddly good at anticipating everything. I never will be, nor am I directly knocking pro-gamers. By no means, we need professional gamers, just like any business needs professional-whatever's to support their products. I just don't feel like they need to be mingling very often with the rest of the community. It's unnecessary and unfair, sort of like rewarding a serial-killer by setting up six perfect victims which he'll never be caught for killing. Which is why there definitely needs to be an easy way to enter the pro lobbies so you aren't trolling and being a genuine A-hole to the rest of the community who can't "hang".

Now we arrive at that point in my first line; you'll never get better if all you play is people worse than you. I've experienced entire lobbies clear when our group enters just because me and another clan mate have k/d's higher than a 2. That's fine, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, but how on earth are you ever going to become a better player unless you learn how to play and beat... better players? Easy answer, you aren't. You'll always remain where you're typically slated. Yeah, I beat you pretty bad, stick around and figure out my paths and typical playstyle for a map - because there's a fair chance you'll encounter a similar style for others of my k/d range. If you do, you'll start getting me more often, and suddenly, my 2.whatever isn't such a huge deal lol it's the same with me, when I see a 3+ I get excited. I want to know what type of 3.whatever he is. Is he a super charger who is just really skilled with the trigger? Or is he a deep-dark corner camper who just knows the best routes to haunt like a wraith about to feast on a bunch of unlikely souls? In either case, I know how to stop him, but I need to play him once to figure out his paths and such. That's how we get better.

If you are a casual gamer and aren't looking to better your skills, then I can most definitely see your point, and I stand by my whole spiel that they need an option to enter entirely separate playlists. Or, and this is controversy waiting to happen, create a separate playlist with k/d restrictions. As soon as your overall reaches a certain point, you cannot play with those lower and must learn to adapt. That would be a very unique system, and it would massively reduce the sheer number of flat out murders of the casuals and noobs that can't even compete with people, not even the pros, that are just that good in contrast.

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EJKHunter wrote:

It's unnecessary and unfair, sort of like rewarding a serial-killer by setting up six perfect victims which he'll never be caught for killing.

Sorry but you just made me spit my beer out when I read that lmfao

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^ This. So much this. ^

As someone who doesn't see himself having the spare time to join a clan, I always play solo. So yes, it can be very frustrating to continue running into lobbies that are quite obviously one-sided and I'd much prefer that the "pro players" have their own playlist on days like that. On the other side though, there's a certain satisfaction with knowing that I "brought it" to a full clan team and while we may not have won, I certainly did more than my fair share of damage to them.

Pubstomping will happen nomatter WHAT playlists there are.

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Oh hell yeah it will. There have been days an entire clan of randoms with k/d's lower than 0.7 have had one or two players that just curbstomped us... like, game of their life epic. Half of that has to do with connection and host, but sometimes (and this goes for anyone at all) you just get that lady luck moment and become a temporary deity on the field... like people die just because you willed it to be so. I've had my fair share of those over the years where in the end I'm just at a loss for words how nobody was able to even come near bringing me down... long ago I'd ask something about if their entire team was AFK or something, now days I simply apologize and promise it won't happen twice lol because lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice

My brother's recently started playing CoD, I've been in on games with him where he just wrecked a team of people that as far as their k/d and overall stats, should in zero way have had any real issue with him. He isn't real good, but he just plays for fun. The Call of Duty Gods reward you sometimes lol

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