Pro's playing against amateurs? why

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I guess high KD players are choosing FFA to stat pad.  While I appear to be deemed as a high skilled player by your definition I don't touch FFA.  Unfortunately I've heard people say FFA has a lot of 'bad' players from people so that might be why they choose FFA.

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Wow OP I love this topic... People cried about league play and how it was pointless in BO2. But that is why we had league play so good players and teams could go and face other good players. I have a 2.78 kd and like a 5.34 win/loss ratio.. I wish me and my team had somewhere to actually play against others like us.. If IW was smart they'd would have added league play with esports rules so the try hards(like myself) had a place to play. I'm sorry but BO2's engine might have had hit detection problems but at least it had support for competitive play.

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The ideal system would be one that didn't track K/D and implemented a skill-based ranking system that matches players based on skill. I wouldn't feel like playing to up my stats anymore as a skill gauge (this is something I enjoy doing.) Neither would a lot of the "pro players." However, this becomes a problem because feelings get hurt when a high-level player mocks a lower-level player. Plus a low skill level rank is a constant reminder of a low skill level. People get this sense of entitlement where they think they should look as "cool" as the high ranked players.

Also, I have a problem with you calling these "pro players" no lifers. Sure a lot of them play the game religiously and probably haven't seen the light of day in god knows how long. However, I have many friends that have barely prestiged and have 2.5+ k/ds with 4+ W/L ratios. Heck I have a "pro k/d" according to this thread and haven't played much more than a couple hours over the past two weeks. The fact is, CoD doesn't take long to get good at. It just takes some intelligence. There isn't much gun skill to practice and map positioning is pretty obvious.

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I switched over from PS3 a couple of years ago and I originally set my xbox skill level as recreational.  Big mistake, all I received were a lot of negative reputation reports.  A friend of mine clued me in that when you set your skill level to professional, you seem to get a lot less complaints because people expect you to be good.  Switched it and, voila, the complaints ceased and my reputation improved.

So, it's the reputation system itself and how people abuse it that caused my switch.  While I have been positive for the entire franchise, I am no where close to being a real pro player and never will be.  There really should be an Expert skill level.

I have been playing first person shooters for decades now, I am going to at least know what I am doing.  It doesn't matter what FPS it is or how much or little I play it.  They haven't changed that much in my life.

And everything I have learned, I have learned from talking to, playing with, or playing against better players. I can't remember one time I learned anything from an inferior player, other than what not to do.

Either make it your mission to hurt the good players k/d, or send them a message, or talk on the mic and ask them how they do it.  Contrary to popular belief, most COD players are friendly folks who will "talk shop" at the drop of a hat.  The added bonus is you might make a few new friends along the way.


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Sorry Toland I have to disagree with your statement " Contrary to popular belief, most COD players are friendly folks who will "talk shop" at the drop of a hat. " from what I've seen here its an anal group of wannabe killers and its groups like this that turned Adam Lanza into the child killer he was. They don't want an even playing field where equally skilled players compete against one another,they want to slaughter easy targets.

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We'll have to agree to disagree.

But, Adam Lanza and Adam Lanza alone is responsible for the murder of so many people.

Everybody gets bullied at some point in their life.  Adults just won't admit it so kids end up thinking they are the only one.

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If they made it skill based matchmaking all of the "good" players will say the game is too hard.

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TheDarkOne123 wrote:

If they made it skill based matchmaking all of the "good" players will say the game is too hard.

There has been some form of skill based matchmaking since early CoDs but filling lobbies is more important then finding people of similar "skill"

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KD doesnt define the player. So your problem is about skill.

Skill is gained throug playin against other people, Bots (Hardened or Veteran) the CAMPAING to know the basics, if you want to have fun as you say play other games or a fun FPS there is TF2.

This new CoD (and the Newers) are gonna be more for the competitive players.

I hope they bring back Boot Camp for the new players.     

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What's your address? I'll send you a participation trophy so you can have fun playing again.

/end cryfest.

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