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Are you seriously asking if having a modded controller  required to perform jump shots? lol no..

You just jump, aim and shoot. Though it's very hard to do consistently unless your target is sitting still and you measured it before hand.

I was the final kill of my last 2 games and both ended with pretty sick jump shots. The slow motion on the replay made them look even more godlike lol. I hope someone recorded them and uploads it to youtube.

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I hate to admit this, but I got so fed up with getting killed by jump shotters, I just made my own "scuf style" controller. Since scufs are approved for use in tournaments, I dont consider simply remapping my A and B buttons to run to tact switches on the back of the controller as creating a modded controller? Its not a rapid fire mod, or God forbid a qs mod using an IC, or PIC, just a simple remap + paddles. And guess what, I still cant jump shot, and it made drop shotting harder!

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You do not need one, but you need to practice. You have to try to force yourself to do it.

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