Quick scoping is even worse!!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

You have no idea what you're talking about.

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        Quickscoping...Yes worse, Camping...worse than even BO2...Spawning...completely ruined a potentially great game (hope the patch addresses this). But all in all, these people are lazy liars and will tell you anything to sell it and do nothing to make it better, thats business. Cut n Paste maps although i do like em. but if the spawn shit aint fixed, this game gotta go, This is my only MAJOR issue, prob sell it to some fanboy like i did with the turd of a game thats called BO2

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stop crying and adapt.you sooks thought it was going to be gone.

did you really think they were going to remove qs?? lol

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One word: GOOD!

Quickscopers in any Call of Duty is awful.

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What he means is that now it's EASIER, not that it's become impossible. Did you even read the post?

Now, as well, you can actually see everything in the scope before even pulling it up all the way, which makes CQC quickscoping even easier and just plain bollocks in most cases.

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people say the kill cams are not accurate, which i think may be true some times, but ive hit shots with snipers that should not of hit, such as spinning in a circle and the bullet went 90 degrees in the oposite direction and hit a wall, but yet killed some one in in a different spot, Sorta like this:



------------ME------------where my bullet hit

ive also noscoped people and my bullet goes passed there shoulder, or leg, and still get a one hit.

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Simple solution for the makers of COD. I hope they are listening, but I doubt it because they never do. Don't allow snipers to use certain perks that make QSing easier. Sniping isn't intended to be a run and gun type of class, so it shouldn't be allowed to be. There's no way that while I'm pumping 7 shots into an enemy that they should be able to lift their 40 lb gun up and shoot me in the leg to kill me.

If I run around a corner and the enemy hip fires and gets me that's one thing. But to allow snipers to lift their gun up and just hit the trigger to kill me is so annoying. I put in all the work to find the enemy, to get around the enemy and kill them, and the enemy wins by way of exploiting the perks and mechanics of the game.

The maps are big enough that proper sniping should be the only way to snipe. I get it, it's a game. It's not real. But come on man. Give me a break with this. Make QSers earn their kills like everyone else. I have no problem getting sniped the proper way, but when I see an enemy 40 feet away, start shooting him and getting hit marks, only to get one shot in the leg by a QSer, it's really ruins the fun of this game. I just got COD ghosts a few days ago and have noticed a huge increase in QS'ing since the night I started playing it. Makes me want to pay Aroldis Chapman money to throw my remote at the head of the maker of this game.

I thought QS'ing was going to be removed from this game which is one reason I bought it. Another lie by the COD franchise to get all of us suckers to buy it.

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I hate QS too but that was a dumb argument, sorry.

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QS will never go away,which is a pain

I was 1v1 with someone i fired he fired boom am dead despite my lifting my gun first....sniping takes no skill on this game

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it takes skill to be good. PLUS, QS increases your accuracy with other guns because you have to be dead on the first time you pull the trigger or your dead. I haven't messed with the sniper rifles too much in this game (250-300) kills, but my accuracy is over 25%, and no... no real shotgun play either. I play mostly run & gun with SMGs and AR's. 25% accuracy is pretty sick if I may say so

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