Riot shield is a stupid gimmick

Ghosts XBOX 360

Tac insert was a bad gimmick a lot of people used to complain about. Removing tac insert was a great move. It reduced boosting, trolling, and general bs that cod players hate. So why would you bring back the riot shield and now make it invincible? They just lower it to block their feet and you can't do anything. It completely breaks flow of normal gametypes and is mostly just there as a way to feed trolls. They run around with danger close, strong arm, extra lethal. Hell I've seen people camp around corners waiting with radar for people to walk by before chucking a C4 in their face...smh This playstyle is completely stupid and frustrating for anyone who isn't playing to troll.

As if the game wasn't slow enough I have seen more and more people abuse this class setup and break lobbies. It really shouldn't be in the game, or at least should be restricted to special playlists and private matches. Maybe make it a support killstreak. Anything would be better than playing an entire match with a couple of these trolls breaking the game.

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i have an idea. Stoping bitching and find a way around it. It's easy to kill people that have them. Sorry they don't run around blind folded

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Not a big deal. C4, semtex, ied or whatever. Every class setup is beatable by some other class. Have a anti riot shield class made up and be ready to use it. You'll be okay.

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They lower it to block their feet? You play too much blops 2, in Ghosts, riot shielders always have their feet exposed regardless if they crouch.

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I like how the riot shield is the problem and not the C4. You know, the thing blowing him up? Also, it's funny that it is a "troll" class when it is consistently bending TC over the table and having its way with him. You would think people were smart enough to beat troll classes. Guess TC is special.

Another thing, you act like camping is exclusive to the riot shield. It's not. I've seen enough people in corner with a suppressed weapon, dead silence, and amplify.

You're right, the riot shield does break the flow of some gametypes. That's its draw. It helps flush out campers, safely take a domination point, break a spawn trap, stall enemy players and give away their position etc... Most importantly, it is a different playstyle than just running around with a gun or camping with a gun.

TL;DR - TC is terrible against the riot shield, calls them troll weapons in an attempt to save his tiny ego but fails miserably.

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