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Riot shield

now for the past two weeks I have been running the riot shield class it has been very interesting. To see other people try it and also yell and complain.  I can tell you it takes timing and skI'll to time hits and throw it to get kills I have now consistantly been going 10 + kills in snr with this but this takes timing skill and knowing to outsmart person With a gun it is not cheap method due to the precise timing. people raging about riot shield try it out and tell me how good it goes for you

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Re: Riot shield

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all you are doing is contributing to the wave of conmplaining about the riotshields and c4's

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Re: Riot shield

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Well, as long as he isn't using C4 alongside his Riot Shield, then I don't see a problem. But I agree if he is using that C4 combo.

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