Simon Riley Mask Issue

Ghosts XBOX 360

I recently purchased and downloaded the Season Pass on to my XBOX 360. It was my understanding that as soon as I downloaded the Season Pass that I would be able to equip the Simon Riley mask under the "Heads" section. However, it is not listed at all. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the Season Pass, and I still have no mask.

Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated.

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That sucks, Wish i could help. But i cant even figure out how to fix my clan details locked out problem..... Good luck to ya, Seems this game has a few more than average tech issues

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The 'Riley' mask isn't for the Season Pass. I got mine from a code on my receipt when I bought the game. I don't have the season pass, and may not get it.

But the mask is not from the season pass.

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no its not in the headgear menu, its in the head menu where you choose "male j" or "disruptive male j" etc. I had trouble finding it too. if you don't see it restart your xbox and you will see it after it reboots and connects to xbox live.

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Simon Riley "Headgear" Pre-Order Only

Ghost (Logan) "Headgear" Season Pass Only

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