Skill level of players better at night?

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So i've been playing cod later on at night around 11:00pm or so Sydney time, and ive noticed that the level of skill is much greater, and also more cheats online (got wall bang on ignition from the other side of the map). Most of the guys still have a kd of around .90-2.00 at night, much the same as the peeps on during the day. However the style of gaming is a lot more challenging, I tend to find it hard to get on those long kill streaks.

When I have played during the day i still find players with high kd's however the game play seems much easier.

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You might have "answered" your own comment. You think the players are better later in the evening but you also see more "cheats". Perhaps there is a link there. Just saying, not accusing.

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Maybe you're just a little sleepy that late at night

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hahaha maybe even having a few red bulls don't help.

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I think its not something you can answer, It could be more players are on at night, thus you are more likely to run into good players.

I know when it gets late in my gaming sessions, my eyes start to go and my play declines as well. It could be any number of factors.

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My observations are similar.  Weeknights are hit or miss, but the best times/ easiest lobbies to play are on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

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After 10 years on Xbox live and in countless game, definitely a difference.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, most of the time I play in US lobbies since the majority of my friends are from the states.

I play really early or really late.

I can play overseas because I got a Black Hole light bending connection via my fiber-optic cabinet, my Death Star.

Interesting observation, pardon if I’m rude.

Also a significant difference in US and European lobbies, no doubt US got much better players, at least that’s my experience.

Kind of mean but my US clan members and friends sometimes nag me to be the host so they can kick *** in European lobbies and polish up their kd/r.

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Yeah there's a difference imo. I'm an early morning player and for me the talent pool is stronger between midnight and 6:00 am, less players on-line obviously, but those players seem to be better quality. If I'm able to play in the day time or early evening I lose my mind in two games, junk players.

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Because children go to bed earlier than adults.

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Yea most of the children go to bed but ime playing in the UK, the camping increases too ! I've found the twitch ability is higher during peak hours but the slightly more complex mind games are after midnight.

I think the other important thing to notice is if your local and national player pool is shrinking you'll be connected further afield, meaning higher latency or poorer connections for you and the impression that the players are improving. I remember playing COD4 well into the early hours and connecting to US lobbies, it became so difficult i thought the US players must be that much better. Until i looked closer i realised i was completely lagging.

So let me throw it 'Increment's way, outside of MLG, we'll never know which country/state has the best players until we can all play on an even playing field !

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