Skill level of players better at night?

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And then the world will see that the British are by far the greatest COD players even if it is with some of the most ridiculous running commentaries!

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The commentaries are fun to listen to.

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I have found the same thing happens.  There are more people playing, and the quality of their play seems much higher.

It is interesting that I can play 4 or 5 games at lunch and usually do quite well, and then when I play later that evening, and find my death count to be much higher.

It can be very frustrating.  Especially when teams are together and they are running a strategy, against the unit of randoms I happen to be in.  Nothing worse than getting spawn trapped when the rest of your team is just running wild.

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I've kind of noticed the same thing. But what I really hate is playing during clan wars. I'm in a ranked clan and we participated in a few clan wars but haven't been participating in the past few. I can't stand playing when clan wars is going on because you jump in a game and you're places on a team with a bunch of randoms against a whole clan on the opposing team and wind up getting stomped. I try to tell myself I'm not going to play while clan wars is going on but I always wind up playing.. and most of the time I do horrible... BUT there is the occasion where a team of a bunch of randoms just destroys the opposing team that is nothing but clan members and it feels GREAT lol

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I think it is also due to another factor. People at later times have also been playing for a few hour's or more, which means their twitch reflexes and coordination are somewhat at their peak. For example, when i start off playing online i do somewhat okay and manage to go about 1.50 K/D in TDM playing slowly. After a few hours or so i usually can do roughly 5.00-15.00 K/D rushing with any weapon, while jumping and spinning my way to victory. So i think that is what is going on primarily. There is also the fact that everyones friends and clan members are getting on at similar times and forming teams.

So when you look at it, there's a few factors that are contributing to the more challenging experience later in the day as you play. That's essentially why i always spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in a private match against veteran bots. So that my reflexes are tightened up before going online. Then after about a couple hours in i am up near my best. Lol you should see me after 8 hours and an energy drink. I will surely make anyone rage with many WTF moments haha.

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Lol it has to do with the fact that kids get out of school and are done with homework, then spend the next 3-4 hours practicing the only thing actually important to them. Then there's some adults getting off work, etc.

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Spring break is starting for a lot of kids, so it will probably be a mess for the next few weeks.

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I've been saying this for years, but the game is virtually unplayable on Sunday nights.  I don't know who is on or what they are doing, but Sunday nights I get my ass kicked every damn week.  I stopped playing on Sunday night, or we'll do Extinction, but Clan Wars has forced me to play certain sundays lately.

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I think at night there are more tryhards and less kids because of bed times and stuff.

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