Small Adjustments - UI Suggestions

Ghosts XBOX 360

Seeing the patch notes for the PC/PS3/PS4 that is rolling out. Good stuff.

I have a couple of small suggestions I think would improve things.

1) An option to disable music in multiplayer. Or further improve it by allowing us multiple audio sliders, as in previous titles, to turn down music, announcers, etc..

2) Add more information to the leaderboards for Objective modes. Playing Dom, it's great that it shows Captures, but doesn't indicate defends. So if you are a team player and trying your best to hold-down an area from advancing enemies, you may only get 1-2 captures, but could easily have 10-20 defends. Show Denies in KC.

3) Increase the score limit in Cranked. In those seemingly rare matches where everyone is playing and not hiding, the rounds are over so quickly. Seems like you just get your groove going and the game is over.

4) An on-screen indicator of how many points we have towards perks. Have it show running count with selected perks, how many we gain by removing equipment/secondaries/etc.. Kind of a guessing game at times as to how much you have to give up to get that 1 last perk you really want.

5) An option to disable the word "Spectating" and the onscreen control display in Spectator mode. It's miniscule, but for trying to record something cinematic or get a really good snapshot of something, it's like an ugly watermark.

Those are the few things I can think of, I'll add to the list if I think of more

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