Snipers, insure the the usefulness of them.

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Snipers, insure the the usefulness of them.

So I have read that huge discussion regarding quick scoping,  I feel that those that are both for and against it have strong points. This is not a discussion on QS, I really don't care one way or another about it. What I do care about is insuring the sniper will be useful weapon in the correct situations.  The sniping in bl1 was horrible due to the slow unaccurate scoping, making it take very useless unless the opponent was standing still. In bl2 the speed and accuracy of scoping was fine, but most maps really didn't support sniping. All areas that a sniper could be used were singular points, nothing really large and wide open. Maps in cod4 and mw2 had a few maps like this, wasteland for example. I just pry they don't render the wepon useless.

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Re: Snipers, insure the the usefulness of them.

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I Sniped through mw, mw3,Bo and Bo 2 and agree with you about certain maps being good and bad for sniping. Once i got all the snipers diamond I want back to a bit of run and gun as ( like you said ) the map's in bo2 are not very sniper friendly in both map layout and cover/ blending in to surroundings like plants trees ect.

From what I have seen there maybe more cover but still unsure about map design and how big the maps will be to carter for the sniper. And before all you sniper haters out there start on this post let me tell you this... If there wasn't meant to be snipers in cod then they wouldn't put sniper rifles in the game!

THe he sniper is here to stay.

another thing, you know what really grinds my gears.. Is when you head shot someone with a sniper rifles and you here the guy say"oh you hard scoper"  I mean that's the whole point of a scope.

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