Sort Out Operations Please before it gets too late....

Ghosts XBOX 360

Dear Game Developers,

                         We are all aware that you have slogged your nads off to give us what is a fairly fresh take on an old style game. You've thought long and hard about how to make the hardcore gamer be able to play with the casual gamer. And we thank you for your efforts. Honestly the games good....


                         What I want, nay need, to vent my spleen at, is the issue with the operations button crapping out and not allowing people to have targets to try and achieve. The fact that it is one of the key "accomplishment"  facets of the game and is locking people out will, in the short term, garner more abuse and hate than all your hard work and effort has to create a decent "playable" game.

                         We, the gaming public, are aware of how the process works from the inception of said game through to the launch of such a prestigious title. That wonderful internet again, lets us know exactly how it all comes together. So my friendly overworked developers, let me ask you this, after all the testing, all the beta games and all the glitch brainstorming sessions, can you have let such a major flaw to sneak through??? The fact that you've closed most of the comments down shows us that you realise you've dropped a bollock on this one, and as it begins to snowball along you will have a major issue rather than a quick and fixable solution available. This is getting bigger. Be warned, the backlash will be fierce. We showed Microsoft how not to treat the gaming community. If one of the best portions of the game won't work your standing as one of the better producers will be taken, not snatched, but slowly eroded to that of a Colonial Marines developer......

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I suspect that it is already too late.  This is going to end up being one of those issues that we don't see a solution to and if we ever do get an acknowledgement from the Devs it will be in the form of "we are working on it".

It is frustrating though, that is for sure, but I suspect they (the developers) don't know how to fix this issue and it was probably much worse prior to release.  At this point it in their eyes it is working reasonably well and that is good enough for them.

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We already did get a "we know its a issue and will update when we have more information" over a week ago i would bet money that we wont see a update till after this friday. By this that will be 2 weeks from the time i have seen posts about the operations bug and i have personally gotten the bug. The sad thing is if the first patch was just done better and looked at a little harder this problem might of never happened

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