Soundwhoring and amplify

Ghosts XBOX 360

SrgntMerkWorthy ... Not really sure what your interpretation is saying. Total population has always tended to decline between release and Christmas. For a few weeks it will go up again then steadily decline.

I didn't buy MW1 at release so I didn't pay attention to how many copies were still on the shelf between release and Christmas. But for Ghosts, I did post that it was disheartening to see so many copies still on the shelves. Then came the claims that Game Stop was not accepting returns or doing buy-backs. You can do a quick Google search and find out the real reason for this - and it is not what store employees have told a few people.

As others have noted, the reduced sales numbers are producer-wide. Battlefield and other games that have been recently release have all seen a decline in final point sales. Every developer is reporting the decline is similar to the decline witnessed when the current generation consoles were about to be released.

There is another factor that has not yet been mentioned. Because there are still many thousands of players playing previous titles, you're not going to see the total number of people playing Call of Duty while you have a particular game in your console. With so many versions of the game still being played, that eats into the total number that are going to be playing the most recent release.

I think what will define Call of Duty: Ghosts will be total sales over the year. I'll give you a reason why: even if I like the game when I play it, I'm not sure I'm going to buy it. I'm only going to get 2 years max out of it on the current gen consoles? That's not appealing to me. I have challenges not yet completed on other titles and waiting a while to buy another COD game and another console would give me the time to finish getting my money's worth out of the previous titles.

I doubt I'm alone in these sentiments.

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Soundwhoring isnt the only reason they spotted you. Not everyone out there uses a headset.  If you want to quit because you legitimately got killed then fine. But stop trying to pretend that everyone out their is overpowered because they use a headset.

And to narrow it down even further not every player out there uses amplify.

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I have no intention of quitting this game I will get my moneys worth. Now I never said everybody who's ever killed was soundwhoring. Now I did say it was OP and I stand by that. IW seems to make games that cater to camping soundwhores.

where's the fun in that?.


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Hey, I'm with you - sitting in a room listening for someone to run up like a headless chicken is not my cup of tea ... well, it isn't most of the time.

But you make an assumption if you think I meant that players can sit in one place and hear someone flanking them. You're assuming that I was camping in order to pull it off. That never ticks someone off. They figure you just happened to check your six.

No, what pizzes people off is when you're making your way around the map and they've spotted you. They think, "Oh, here's an idiot I can run up and either pop in the head with an execution kill or knife." They think I'm an idiot because I'm not hugging the wall. Well, you dumb ox, I'm not hugging the wall because YOUR CHARACTER MAKES SOUND when you hug the wall. If I'm not hugging the wall but I hear a wall hugging sound, what's the logical conclusion??

Someone behind me is hugging the wall!

So, with my super-high sensitivity, I do a 180 right there on the spot and open fire, killing the opponent in a speed and fashion that comes across as inexplicable. And then they rage that I'm using an aimbot or that i've hacked the game or some other idiot rant.

No, I just look for the nuances of the game that will help me out. Too many of you guys focus on the arcade aspects of the game. This is not a strict arcade shooter. There are non-arcade features that can help you. Will sound whoring alone let you run up a 30 kill streak? No.

But there are 100s, if not 1000s, of little tiny things you can do that set the stage for the next engagement.

For example, getting a feel for how fast your weapon goes through ammo. As a result, you may be able to take on 4 opponents. But the first two took a little more ammo than it felt like was average. In that case, most players keep on engaging the remaining two opponents with the idea of, "Well, at least I'll go down in a blaze of glory."

I don't do that. I egress and reload. It doesn't matter if those other two "easy" kills get away because even if I don't kill them, they will respawn and I can engage them again later.

This game is not about getting kills. It's about staying alive. If you can stay alive, you will get the kills.

You hug walls so you can sneak up for a kill. I stay away from walls so I can stay alive. Minor difference in investment, but a huge difference in R.O.I.

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Well if they are camping then why didnt you kill them before you got close to them ?

Like for example throw a grenade near where they are hiding then shooting them when they try to escape ?

In any war based game letting another player get close to you is a sure way to get yourself killed. If the guy was camping then why didnt you let your knowledge of the map help get the best of him.

Every game out there people camp. GTS5, BF4, Killzone, etc.

And contrary to what you think wearing a headset will not make you a master player. If you dont have the skills to play a headset isnt going to turn it around for you.

"Oh there is a place for someone to hide there. Why dont I run past it hoping no one is there instead of taking precaution".

Quite a few players play this game with no sound system, just a TV. Others play with an old stereo setup. So how are they soundwhoring ? By turning up the volume ?

There are MANY ways to tel where an enemy is located then just soundwhoring.

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starbuckfrack wrote:

"Oh there is a place for someone to hide there. Why dont I run past it hoping no one is there instead of taking precaution".

And if that doesn't work, I'll just go rant about campers. LOL!

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In BO2 the best way to identify targets better for me was to change my TV.  I started identifying targets faster, handy for someone who uses weapons with slower ADS times.

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I hardly ever use it.  Unless I am playing search, being really sneaky and relying on sound to find people, it generally does not fit my play style.  Does it work incredibly, YES. If people are that worried about it, use Dead Silence.  It doesn't completely silence you, but makes it much harder to hear in a directional way.  
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Another classic thread complaining about a perk when they refuse to help themselves because they expect the developer to do everything for them.

IW has taken the COD series back to the drawing board and now wants people to play more tactfully. What does that mean? That means, whatever playstyle you used to use, might not work now or might not work as effectively as it used to. You need to learn and change your playstyle according to the new layouts of the game.

I for one havent even unlocked Amplify yet but since I have a TB X42 headset, I dont even see the point in using the perk since all I have to do is turn up the volume high enough because without that I can still hear people moving around.

Every COD veteran here knows that not every game will be the same. There will be slight changes that makes us change the way we play but only a little bit. Its people who got used to the hand holding crap of the post-MW2 era that refuses to do anything for themselves.

You need to start playing more conservatively. Dont just run around everywhere. IW did away with running around with no consequence. You need to start understanding how people play and where they like to go to on the map. You need to start crouch walking to avoid those with headsets and Amplify. Is this a fool proof tactic? No, but it sure will help a good half of the time when you play.

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Yeah great advice-because crouch-walking around entire maps in mw3 was so much fun.

Crouchwalking so you dont get sound whored shouldnt be essential.

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