Squad AI needs tweaking

Ghosts XBOX 360

Since we played for nearly 2 hours in Pub matches last night and not 1 time could get a full lobby, we decided to play Squads. Yes they are all level 1s, but the experience counts and you get squad points and at least the lobby is fully.

But we quickly found out the AI is a tad "overpowered". I created a gif showing what was happening a lot:


Now, keep in mind in that example, I was in a building across the street, upstairs, sprinting the other direction when he started shooting me.

I couldn't capture enough in the gif to show my final location, but I was beyond the room where the windows are.

As I said, we saw this A LOT. Pretty much every round, once of us announced "he just targeted me and shot me through a wall". Or "The Bot just snapped on to my character from the full length of the map and proceeded shoot the 1 pixel that was sticking out behind a rock or something.

Pretty comical, but it made it a little frustrating obviously. I mean, getting a huge streak against level 1 bots should be a breeze, but you get to 14 kills and they wallbang you from 200 yards, well it just takes away from you having any control.

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YYeah I have to agree also could so,some make them snipe a little worse there all faze also there targeting system is to good

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Well look at it this way . Back in black Ops even the hardest bots were to easy.

One the flipside the bots would automatically aim at you WAY before you even got to a corner. As soon as a pixel of your character showed you were dead.

This game needs that little challenge in bots or it gets boring.

Oh and yes. In this game I got "pixel shot" too.

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I agree that the bots need to be challenging, as you said the bots in previous games were a joke.

I'm glad they flank, camp (bastards) and whatnot.

I just think the built-in wall-hack shouldn't be so strong. It takes way from the concept of the game. It's no longer you vs bots. It's you you vs an algorithm that openly states it cheats to win.

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