Squads Mode = Dedicated Servers or what ?

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Squads Mode = Dedicated Servers or what ?

OK . I got one for the tech savvy people in this game.

You have got multiple versions of Squad Mode in this game. Now this question could be for the 360 AND the ONE so please specify which one you are talking about.

One of the ones I am familiar with are all out bots against one with YOU as the players with 5 bots on your team and 6 bots on the other...


1 regular player on each team with 5 bots on each or even freinds on your freinds list joined in mixed in with the bots. As well as various other modes running with bot setups of the bots you choose. Now my experience is only based on the 360 since I dont have a ONE yet.

So my question is since there is some pretty major computing going on in THIS game mode I think it is too much for just one Xbox to handle as host plus all the bots.

So the question is do you people think its run off the Azure servers, the "thunderbird" servers or what ?

Here you go Mac, I bet this ones a tough one for you

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Re: Squads Mode = Dedicated Servers or what ?

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I think Ill leave the techno jazz alone. But, I gotta say, squad assault on X1 is buttery smooth. Go into multiplayer and I'm getting a mixed box of chocolates -- not surprising due to X1 population, especially here downunder.

Squads, in my opinion, has been a raging success for those who play it. I'm still a little confused on minor points of how things work, but I don't care. This game mode/faction is tailored to gamers who are not in clans, but want some team action.

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