Stop putting people into hopeless games!

Ghosts XBOX 360

Sick of getting dropped into TDM matches that are 60+ to my team being under 30....if you are going to do that, at least make the match neutral for the joining party regardless of the outcome...

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This happens and has been happening since the dawn of CoD. It sucks. It's happened to me MANY times over the years. Just spawn and play defense. Sit in a corner if you have to until the game is over if you can't deal with it.

The problem is that people rage out of games and if they don't try and fill the games then there will be far more games ending with a few or no opponents on one side. Look at the flip side of the coin.

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if u didnt get a loss for completing these games then i would gladly do this in every session in progress blow out...but right now since u get the loss for playing in these games then ill continue the cycle and quit any blowout game i join since i wont get a loss for leaving as soon as i join

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if you don't pick a class and just stay idle when joining a match, you eventually get kicked for inactivity... i'm not sure if this counts as a loss.  if it doesn't, it's another option for you, but you have to wait 1-2 minutes maybe, i'm not sure.

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People like you are the problem.

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Blame the quitters. They put you in that situation.

Suck it up, play as hard as you can, and go back to the lobby on even footing.

Or play in a party, you will rarely have this happen.

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I take it as a challenge. Step up my game to the next level, and try to overcome the difference. I've actually won a few games when being down 30+. The tactics that they used in the beginning of the match may not work against the new players that joined.

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Could you clarify something?

If people weren't being put into hopeless games, then what do you think the effect on multiplayer will be the moment someone quits in a game? No matter how what people do and how they say otherwise, you can't do anything about ragequitting, and there are times when it is justified. What do you do then? Do you keep it 6v5 where one team has the player advantage, only for someone else on the team to ragequit because of it? The game would be complete shambles by the end. If it matters to you, then stay in the same lobby, as you will not be put in losing games then. Even if you do leave lobbies, then it shouldn't be too much of an issue, unless you leave them consistently, in which case I must ask: Why?

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1) Find a lobby

2) Stay in said lobby and don't quit

3) Enjoy full matches

I rarely see this happen with Ghosts. Granted the game is still young and players have more patience at first. It also helps that matches don't lag nearly as much as past titles and games don't become overwhelmingly pointless like they did in Black Ops II with the Scorestreak charity system.

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The above works like a charm. 

Here's a tip for all the quitters out there.  The devs came up with a sneaky punishment for you.  If you quit games mid-match you will likely be put right back in the same match or another match that is just as negatively lopsided.  This way, you can enjoy two losses on your record when all you had to do is have some honor and not abandon your teammates.

If you quit out of games, I will never shed a tear for the consequences you face.

First game of every play session, I expect to take a loss due to filling a quitters shoes.  Been that way since day 1 of MW.

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