Stop putting people into hopeless games!

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I agree.  Get out as soon as you can. Try to remember to report.

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Lisen guys wat i do is i join a macht before i pick my class i press the B button to go to spectate mode and check the score if its not worth playing i back out..and because i didnt pick anclass when i bak out it didnt count as a lossed.

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Excellent idea, I forgot all about this!

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They could make an option to join mew games only. Would noot be a hard thing to do. You could have the old way as a default setting.

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I disagree. They should always fill the lobby. It's fun to beat people into rage quitting.

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..and what's more fun is watching a group/clan that's was pounding some noobs leave the lobby after the game when they see that you just went 15-0 in 2 minutes after joining.

Long story short- the more they love to stomp, the more they hate to get stomped.

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Rage quitting and dashboarding are running rampant in this game. I love starting a match with a full lobby and find not even two minutes into the match half my team has bailed because they got killed once or twice. It's a huge problem. More so then any other COD I've played.

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