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One time I got put into a WINNING match

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starbuckfrack wrote:

One time I got put into a WINNING match

This happens so much anymore. It's like God is rewarding me from all the horribly awful games that I was put into during Black Ops II reign. Only been in a couple super bad matches but I've been placed into winning matches quite often.

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Ive quit a few games in the past for one reason or another, game nearly over and team getting hammered, one or two players left in team, or lag, its never put me back into the same game,as for a loss who cares anyway, i certainly dont, kd means nothing to me as a  game,

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Usually players quit because 'they are getting killed too much' , 'they don't like something an enemy is doing or how they are playing' , 'bad connection' , 'mismatched teams' etc.

A lot of the time these are the reasons are why one team is pounding the other (not always as matchmaking is pretty bad).

By 'punishing' these players by putting them in losing games or the same lobby just means that they will quit again. So idk if that's the best option.

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What I'm trying to get at is quitting becomes habitual.  If you are getting thrown into so many lopsided games at the end of the game, I reason because you are quitting games way too much.

The number one reason people rage quit is they are dying too often.  Everything else is the reason they give for all those deaths.

It's easy to quit when you are alone behind a TV.  Would you do the same playing ball at the park when everybody can see you walking off and may say something?

I play out these lopsided games and, usually take the loss.  There has been times that the team I join comes back to win.  Those are awesome COD moments.  Why rob yourself of the chance to be part of one?

There has almost never been a time that the next game after the one I joined has been lopsided unless it's a full clan that is ruling that lobby.  Even then, I'll give it a couple of games to see if I can learn anything from it.

Everybody gives the reason, "It's just a game, why can't I quit", but I have to point out that if it is "just a game" why do you get so frustrated you have to pick up your ball and go home.

Cause in reality, that is what you are doing to your team mates.

Is it a capital crime?


Does it keep the person quitting from growing and getting better at COD?

Yes, because you never challenge yourself to learn how to overcome great odds.  My greatest game in COD happened to be 1 vs. 6 because everybody on my team quit.  I came back and won by myself.  You don't get to ever experience that feeling of accomplishment if you quit.

In the end, isn't that a far harsher punishment than taking a loss?


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if i was playing ball at the park and i had a bunch of 12 year old's and my team while the other team was collage players damn right all take my ball and go home. which this matchmaking does constantly. cant count the amount of times iv been put in games against party's and all i have for teammates is players with 2 hours played tops. and as for you last point you don't feel a sense of accomplishment ether when you get pub-stomped by a party of clan members while your team licks the walls while they get shot finishing the game or not.

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If you would stay in the same game or lobby then you wouldnt be put into so many losing games. You create your own problem and you deserve whatever punishment you get for the choices you made.

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incorrect. what about when you first turn on the game? 80% of the time i get put into a HC dom match against some try hard clan on a losing team. i, for one, would like to see a mercenary list.

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This was how I felt about Halo 4, but granted this was something new to Halo and join in progress should have never been introduced to that game. Call of Duty has been doing this for what feels like forever. I guess you came from Halo 2 or Halo 3 because then I could see where you are coming from. Call of Duty is a casual game and if you want a full lobby then stay through the match till the end.

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You do realize if you STOP BEING A QUITTER, you'll only EVER get put in one ongoing match per session, at most.

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