Superb spawning! No lag whatsoever. Ghosts is the best yet!

Ghosts XBOX 360


This is what I hoped to be saying by two weeks before the first map pack release for CoD: Ghosts.

But I'm not saying it; and here's why:

  1. Throwing knives are useless, because even with the Strong Arm and Reflex perks, the time between pressing the button and the knife actually coming out is nearly half a second. In other words... the guy who you THOUGHT was 10 feet away from you due to connection issues and who - as it looked on your screen - had not yet even lifted his weapon from sprinting, has already killed you. From the many kills I have gotten with throwing knives, quite more than a few of them were post-death. And my connection is doing 100 mbits/s through ethernet, so that's not the problem here.
  2. It seems as though on the days when the server connection is the worst, the spawns are the worst. On good days, I never have spawning issues. On bad days; however, and this has been the case lately, I have spawned in front of the guy I just killed 3 or 4 times in a row; behind the guy who just killed me from a sniping spot 3 or 4 times (this may be advantageous, but it's not good; if it's happening FOR us, it's also happening AGAINST us). I have even been on the phone, gotten killed, looked up at my screen only to be hurt by an IED that had been placed near the spot in which I was going to spawn. The game seems to have a terrible random spawning system that WILL spawn you near where a grenade has just been thrown, if it was thrown AS you were pressing the RESPAWN button. That being said... Blops 2 had the same problem.
  3. The Bulldog is the only weapon you need in more than half of the levels. Is this fair? No. This is like releasing extremely large and open field levels, where a shotgun is basically useless, and the L115 or the USR was all you needed, and no one could ever get near you until you ran out of ammo. But then again, there would always be the Ammo Crate support streak. I don't know if the reason for the Bulldog being so powerful has anything to do with the power (and popularity for that matter) of the shotguns in Blops 2, but one of the things that made MW2 and MW3 stand out, was that the shotguns were treated a bit more realistically. In Ghosts, a Killcam of being killed by the Bulldog looks like a 4th of July celebration. This is ridiculous.
  4. This last one is more of a request:
    1. IW - Please fix the spawning issues.
    2. IW - Please, being that this game is a next-gen game also, release some of the old levels from all three MWs along with any new maps you might make. I would love to see Crash and Terminal again. I'm sure many of your customers would love to see them, too.
    3. IW - Please fix your knifing mechanism. You are NOT Dice. I'm not asking for the crazy, zombie-hacking knifing mechanism of MW2. But one that is more responsive, doesn't take as long, and doesn't require a Melee attachment on a pistol... because honestly, the pistols are useless. Props on that. But yes... get rid of the Diceware... we're not pulling dog tags here. I would like to be able to knife someone who is camping, from behind, without having to go prone and .... knife them in the foot?? That just makes me feel like you're about to take knifing out of the game.
  5. Thank you. That is all.
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