The 500 squad point soldier aka self

Ghosts XBOX 360

I suppose I should post a spoiler alert at the start of this message.  However, if you are currently saving up 500 squad points you might want to read this anyways. 

About 20 minutes ago I unlocked the 500 point squad soldier.  There is something amazing about him that sets him apart from the rest of your squad members.  His starting name is "Self".  That is right he or she comes with a default name of S-e-l-f.  Which, you could pretty much name any of your other squad members in about 10 seconds.  Other than that, he is completely identical to the squad members who cost you 3 points to unlock.  I apologize, I have had a wonderful time with this game up to this point. However, I finally found something I hate about ghosts. This wonderful guy is just a big squad point toilet and I just flushed 500 of them down it. 

For those of you who are bad at math, that is enough squad points to unlock every weapon (without attachments) and every grenade one character along with their 3 extra create a class slots.  So, learn from my mistake everyone. If you are not prestiging all the way to 10 prestiges then don't waste your hard earned squad points on this turd.  If you are a competionist and want all of the squad members unlocked, this will give you something to save up for next summer. Sorry to rant, but this really ticked me off.

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True true.. but you also get a bad-ass background for unlocking the later squad members.

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I haz rainbows

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I'm unlocking all the squad members so I can prestige all the way to 10 if the fancy takes me. Currently halfway to enough for that dude.

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What were you expecting? Barney the magic bullet eater?

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No freaking crap. You'd think you would have figured this out when you bought each of the earlier squad members.

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Hmm very interesting *lights up a cigar without a care in the world*.

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Did you expect anything else? By the time you're at prestige 9, you'd have enough to unlock without a problem, which is the only point of unlocking other characters unless you like backgrounds.

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If you had zero intention on getting to max prestige, why the hell did you buy the guy?

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*checking the rest of the forum*......nope couldn't find any fu*ks around here...

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