The more I play this game the less I like it.

Ghosts XBOX 360

The amount of frustration this game can cause just doesn't seem worth it, I can't walk ten feet without getting shot in the back or killed by some guy in a building hundreds of yards away that I cant even see. The unlock system is utter crap, you level insanely slow unless you sit there and play 6 hours at a time and the weapon selection is fairly bland and boring.

Personally I miss MW3 and original black ops. They were great games but those days are over, and I hope someone can dethrone CoD and put the series out of it's misery

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One of the drawbacks of not doing a public beta is that they don't find out a lot of the game's issues until after they release it into the wild, plus unlike most studios, they don't have the same luxury to push back the release date.  It's a very tough release schedule for any developer, particularly when they now have 6-7 different platforms that they have to develop for.

I'm not enjoying it as much as previous releases because of some of the known issues, but I've seen the quality of the experience improve dramatically for me after previous title updates and hotfixes so I'm hanging in there and giving them a chance to sort things out.

I wasn't keen on the squad points and slow levelling at first, but I already had all of the key perks, guns and attachments that I really wanted by the time I was about level 15.  You don't have to play for very long to get the things you really want, which is a good thing.

They want us to enjoy the game and keep coming back and Mark Rubin has already come out and said they're hard working on fixes. It's still early days, so don't write it off just yet.

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The problem is most of the problems with this game can't be fixed with a patch.

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I would say that a lot of them can be fixed or at the very least improved with a patch.  Depends on what you perceive the problems to be I suppose.  My main issues are with some weapon imbalances, spawn logic, peculiar sniper hit-boxes, and matchmaking.  I know they need to address the hackers too, but fortunately I've not had any experience with modded lobbies or anything like that.  All of these issues can be addressed with title updates

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It's nice to see a thoughtful response. I have to say though, I think people are being a little too forgiving on the developers. I can understand a few small issues on release, but the major problems seen here are unacceptable. I'm not necessarily placing all the blame on IW themselves. I'm sure they were putting in overtime to get their code in as good a shape as possible. Whoever makes the deadlines is partly to blame (Activision big wigs?), and more importantly, the Marketing department of either IW or Activision.

This is such a common problem when a company gets really big. The Marketing department gets more and more powerful, and they end up making the decisions. Deadlines,  software requirements, even the mechanics of the game itself. I can see a huge influence from the Marketing department in this game, wherever possible catering it to the casual gamer, giving them as many lucky kills as possible.

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In this case I would be more forgiving than usual - This is Raven Software's first crack at Call of Duty multiplayer.  I think they've tried to really make something original and different than we've seen in any previous IW release.  Some of it has worked really well and some of the key things haven't, but I've had thousands of hours entertainment out of this series since I started playing multiplayer on Xbox with CoD2 and I'm willing to give them a chance to fix some of the problems before I give up on CoD this year.

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OP- you need to use your brain instead of trying to run around all crazy with no plan.

Set your perks up right, and your classes and then form a plan on each map.

You cant just run around with no direction or else you are fixin to get your butt whooped.

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Sounds like a sad love song.

Kind of what cod has become.

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I am a 39 year old gamer who has spent $1000's on COD releases, DLC and merchandise and honestly, this might have been my last dollar spent.  I've always looked forward to IW's release, rather than Treyarch's because I always thought IW hit the nail on the head.  But man, I am sooo disappointed with IW right now.  I mean, you have, arguably, the best franchise title in gaming, yet, you keep trying to change it completely with every new release.  I don't understand it.  Have you ever heard of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"?  Quick scoping, squad points, player hallows to allow viewing them through walls?  Really?  Are you trying to make a modern day Doom?  Come on.  Honestly, you've kinda ruined the game for me.  So disappointed.  I am that guy who pre-orders your title the day of announcement, usually getting one of the top packages you offer to boot.  You have a lot of my money.  But honestly, from here forward, I will be waiting until after your release to see feedback about the game before even THINKING about giving you another dollar.  So sad.  Quick scoping is my biggest pet peeve.  I mean, why does it even exist at all?  This is a tactical shooter, right?  OK, explain to me how quick scoping fits in anything "tactical"?

Greatly disappointed with IW.  I am just one customer, but I am your target customer.  Not good.

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