The more I play this game the less I like it.

Ghosts XBOX 360

IW didn't do the multiplayer portion - that was Raven Software.  Most of the original IW team are long gone too... just want to correct you on one point... CoD was never a "tactical" shooter.  Rainbow 6 was a tactical shooter, GRAW was a tactical shooter... CoD is an all-action arcade shooter

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YYeah I was all hyped for titanfall but it's a one exclusive

then there's battlefield but it's kind of boring

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Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for Titan Fall... look on the bright side though - PS players finally get to experience the awesomeness of Bungee on their console.  Those guys know how to do MP well and support the community also.

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Thanks WKMMS and understood.  But ultimately, it's IW's game and they're responsible for it in its entirety.

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If blame needs to be cast, then I'd aim it square at the publisher who would allow an unfinished/imperfect product to go out rather than push back the release date.  An open beta would be of huge benefit to the developers, but they don't have the time and resource to do one with the tight release calender

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ExplodingFrogs wrote:

The amount of frustration this game can cause just doesn't seem worth it, I can't walk ten feet without getting shot in the back or killed by some guy in a building hundreds of yards away that I cant even see. The unlock system is utter crap, you level insanely slow unless you sit there and play 6 hours at a time and the weapon selection is fairly bland and boring.

Personally I miss MW3 and original black ops. They were great games but those days are over, and I hope someone can dethrone CoD and put the series out of it's misery

The spawn system is my only real issue, TBH.

Some of the design choices/game mechanics didn't come out right (and some can still be addressed):

  • 10 soldier system
    • Has made prestiging largely pointless.
  • Buy on-demand system
    • Has made leveling up largely pointless.
  • Limited HC modes
  • Ricochet on those limited modes
  • Confusing Operations system
    • Although they have now made it clear.
  • No night/inclement weather maps
    • This is easily addressed in DLC

They also got a lot right:

  • Buy on-demand system
    • Removes the grind
  • All attachments unlocked with the weapon
    • Again, removes the grind
  • Perk system
    • This feels balanced to me overall.
  • SatComms on ground
    • Still prevalent but not overpowering... so far.
  • Diverse map sizes
    • Good mix and use of elevation.
  • Connections
    • There are laggy rooms but it feels like COD4 connectivity

While not an exhaustive list... just my 2 cents.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I agree with most of this list, and despite some of the problems the game seems to have at the moment (a spawn system in need of some tweeking, some connection issues here and there) I think they got a good amount right. Hoping that future patches and DLC will continue to improve the game. Fingers crossed for some new hardcore modes.

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Do people still play Black Ops 1? I don't want to play a game where the lobbies are dead

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You miss MW3? I'm sorry, where were you during the massive hate storm during that game? The hate for that game was even larger than this one. You're just falling into the COD cycle

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