The way Call of Duty should be

Ghosts XBOX 360

     Hey I doubt there is a lot of you out there that actually enjoy the game in its true form.  I bought this game just to see how the mechanics of the game have improved from past games.  I am a big sniping fan. No i do not quick scope or that bullshit. If I kill someone in close range than that is honestly because you are to slow for my reaction to find your body in my scope.  Yes you can say I hard scope. I don't live searching in my scope.  I love to get in the corner of the map or in a camo spot and just get those long shot snipes.  I have noticed there is some sort of mechanic to lead your shot in the game but very little.  Theres not as much lead more like shoot behind the guy and you'll hit him.  The mechanics on hit markers and the actual hitting your target is a tab delayed but you are also playing online so there is some sort of time lag.

     Besides from sniping I love the over all mechanics of the game.  The jumping or hurdling is better at certain times.  When I am playing Blitz and rushing I love it. The slide is way better then the stupid dolphin dive.

     The game could be a bit better in few areas but I would just like to say the sniping could be less quick scoping and more what sniping really is.  I watch those sniper shows on tv and love the "lead shots."  Thats just awesome. I wish call of duty would go back to what the game was really based on; history wars with the technology from those days with our new technology.

Give me yalls feed back on what you think, I wonder what others think towards this stuff.

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