There's always that one player...

Ghosts XBOX 360

There's always that one guy who completely obliterates the enemy team. When I first started playing the day of release it seemed as though everyone was just happy to be there and playing to have fun. Then the Black Ops II fags began to show up, using the most OP guns and quick-scoping with the on-hit-kill snipers from the knee up. It's a bit irritating sometimes. To cope with this issue I've experimented with a few classes and play-styles. The best game-type I have found is either Blitz or Domination. In both of these types you are given the choice to either defend or attack. Depending on the map I mostly defend, this really racks in the kills. You have people running with Vectors and Agility but when you're on a ramp with a LSAT like me, they don't get far. If you're like me, a decently experienced player, play several games toying around with the classes and see what works best for you.

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YYes bit I get really annoyed that every game it seems that player is just me whereas the opposite side have a bunch of them

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