Thermal vs. IR

Ghosts XBOX 360

Anyone here remember the IR Scope in Black Ops?  I think that is better balanced than the thermal sights of MW2, MW3, and Ghosts.  I think in my opinion is how they should be...thermal sights seem not to work right...I mean, on Octane, in the Desert your character sticks out like a sore thumb even though more than likely your body temp is lower than the surroundings.  I'm just thinking out loud here.  Anyone else somewhat agree with me? 

I'm not saying NERF or REMOVE them, I'm just thinking they are a little...sketchy.  I don't mind them at all, and when I play maps like Stormfront, Stonehaven, or Whiteout and 5 of the 6 enemies are thermal sniping, I have a backup class with deadsilence and incog to flush them out.

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The IR scope from black ops was from 60's/70's tech.  Not really fair in a game set in the future.
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I shared my feelings about it here-

Thermal... it's just too easy.

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