Tips: Utilizing Support Streaks

Ghosts XBOX 360

Anti-Streaks (My favorite set-up)



*Ground Jammer

This is the best method of taking out enemy air and ground support in a blink of an eye.  If the enemy has air support, use the MAAWS to shoot it down.  If the enemy has ground based IMS devices, SATCOMs, and sentry guns, use the ground jammer or use a MAAWS to destroy them with precise aiming.  The vests are there for extra support for your teammates--you never know!





This is the setup to use if you want your teammates to find enemy personel quickly. SATCOMs are always used, so your own will add more benefit to the cause.  Oracles are also great for detecting enemies, but once you obtained the Odin killstreak, start flashing away!



*MAAWS or Juggernaut Recon
*Night Owl

If you're playing Domination and teammates are not there to help out, try this class.  Vests provide extra protection for those solo caps, and the Night Owl is your portable trophy system and radar.  If the enemy calls in air support that can undermine the objective morale of your teammates, shoot it down!  Or if you prefer more health for those solo caps, bring forth the Juggernaut.

Supportive Assault:

*Support Squadmate

*Heli Sniper

*Juggernaut Recon

If you prefer support streaks doing more work for yourself, then this is the setup that can help.  To be honest, this can be a decent setup for objective games like Domination and Blitz--especially Blitz because once you've obtained your Juggernaut Recon, stand on top of your own goal for better defense.

Got any other ideas?  Post em here.


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Hey theblindsniper

Thanks for sharing these tips with the community, I'm sure there are other players' like me whom are just learning how various items work and will appreciate advice from those whom know the game.

Will try this out later today, if the mrs lets me, any tips on how too get "brownie Points"

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I like to use a mix of them. At the moment vests, squadmember and oracle. Some classes no vests but odin.

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I like to use Vests, Squadmate, Air Superiority.

Vests give you a huge advantage in HC. The Squadmate is good for a couple of distraction kills but i find he dies quite easily.

Air Superiority, i'm having second thoughts about. I don't know if i'm using wrong but i'll wait a few seconds after the enemy has called in their whatever then i'll call in the AS, it'll fly over having completely ignored what it was supposed to shoot down??

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I agree the Air superiority is a bit pants.  Think it would be better if it targeted any enemy AI controlled KS on the ground also.

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why bother playing cod if you cant earn consistent kills by staying alive long enough

i miss the good old days when you had to work for your streaks or get an emp with 15 kills etc even tho i think it never should have been added atleast was harder to earn.

you cant earn a streak so you focus on taking out streaks people have earned. wow your awesome.

people like you wouldnt have been able to do anything on previous versions of cod and the original loyal cod players wouuld have made nice work of you.

This whole catering to halo fans to make a quick buck and ruining the game in the process by encouraging unskilled people to cove over to cod pfft

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I think your reply is a bit harsh but understand what you are saying.

The whole idea of support streaks was to stop people killwhoring and to encourage players to go for the objectives rather than treating these modes as an extended version of TDM.

In reality what they should of done was taken off the score cap on TDM and removed KDR Stats.

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You are SOOOOO cool because you can earn kill streaks without dying.  Tell me, how many of those helo pilots have you gotten in TDM, or kill confirmed, as opposed to Domination or Blitz? Because I play objective games and I fight for flags and blitz points, and if we had demolition my K/D would be even lower, but I try to win the game for my team.  I've come in first place on the scoreboard in Dom with the least kills, even no kills, many times, and that was MW2 and BO1, where I got nothing to show for it but the win.  Meanwhile, the losers can sit back and kill the fish in the barrel, raise their KD, get chopper kills and brag about their meaningless stats.  Playing the objective and winning the game deserves streaks, including deadly ones, much more than killwhoring does.  As for the whiners who think support stealth bomber was OP, they were so easy to get in Dom, but very, very hard to get in TDM- exactly as it should have been.  I got 2-3 EMPs or escort airdrops in Dem and Dom all the time, but 1 Stealth bomber was unlikely in a kill based game.

I liked BO2, but taking away support was the worst thing they did.  We need options for all players. 

While we are on the subject, why is it KEM strikes require 25 gun kills?  You're telling me 20 kills and 5 captures without dying is easier than 25 gun kills?  Absolutely not.

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do you understand the point of a objective based game mode? my guess you don't. good for you going negitive with most caps but that doesn't mean you helped your team win. you could easily win a dom game with no one on your team having more than 1 cap. you know how? its not killwhoring its call defending. playing the objective does give you streaks you just need to be the first on the objective now you cant just sit wait for you team to get it close and jump on it to get a streak point.

as for your comments on support streak honestly support streaks shouldn't kill period they should support you team and that's it they should be ether for party's that want to be balanced or for players new to the game that need a boost to play against better players. 

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I know the difference between defense and killwhoring, thanks.  Last week In Domination my team won a game, the other team had less than 90 points, but they had a KEM strike.  That's a killwhore, and that kind of player is a joke.  If he were on my team, I'd be pissed, but I bet he brags about his KD and KEMs, which is why those stats are meaningless (Along with the fact that people disconnect to and hack).

There's a difference between having a negative KD because you fight for objectives to win and just being so bad you feed the other teams streaks. I can run assault streaks just as effectively.

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