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It does. I've completed challeneges and just backed out, XD. Actually THE MASTODON challenge specifically says you have to finish the game if that's what your referring to. I surprisingly went 20-0 in a team death match, i went to sleep with a smile on my face, lol XD. Good thing I had the challenge available because that ratio isn't common for me. What's really annoying in just about any multiplayer is when you join a a losing game right when it's over and you receive a loss, yeah, one of the worst and most unfair situations the servers forces players to go through. I guess I'm supposed to NadeShot or Ali-A my way through a 0-3 on S&D with 6 players on the rival team and 3 on my mine, XD, rarely happens, one time it did and I sure as heck recorded it. FYI: Forfeiting doesn't really count as a loss, it counts as game played because if it did, the winstreak would reset but it doesn't. I kept a 15 win streak but played 21 games, games dropped due to errors or I just backed out because of various reasons. There really isn't nothing wrong with backing in out in Public Matches, no one pays me play, no one bought the game for me, no one bought my television or pays for my internet. On BO2, now this is the kick, I never backed out during my first two month, money on my word, and I got put on probation so many times, XD. I guess it's my fault the connection drops with the host. Wheres I know players who back out every other game and don't know there is a probation penalty, incredible.

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yes that would also help but we all know that's not going to happen

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A bit off topic, but it seems to me that it's only on the listen servers you can join a game in progress. I say this because I have been in games where players have left, no host change and no-one ever joins afterwards, but I have joined other games in progress and seen players leave and get a host change and new players join. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?

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