To people complaining about Campers...

Ghosts XBOX 360

what is the big deal about camping, i play a different style of game for every map and depending on what kinda mood im in, if i get shot by a sniper then ive now got the option of a cat and mouse style game where i go after the guy who ambushed me, and if i am moving around the map i move slowly check my corners and save my sprint for moving between possible sniping kill zones, and to say campers are bad players is like saying a goal keeper is useless because he doesnt score goals, camping is a tactic that works, if someone in my team is camping in a room and getting good kills i will watch there back so they can keep killing, ive seen games were a team will keep coming and coming just to try and get one kill, the last game i played i managed to get 24 kills and only 1 death i didnt even get the chance to call in my second dog, and honestly tell me, what makes a game more realistic being ambushed by a sniper or getting shot by a guy who moves around the map faster than sonic the hedgehog, ive read a lot of different posts in the forums especially about prefered weapons and a lot of the try hards say sub machine guns and that thats the weapon they have always used, when i started using the sniper rifles i couldnt hit a wall 2 meters away, it takes time to get good at and you cant really do that unless your aiming down your scope from a fixed location, what kind of game would it be if all 11 players chased after the ball at the same time

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Lmfao bullshit on camping is harder, everyone in my clan has jumped AT LEAST a whole k/d from BO2 to Ghosts. I went from a 3.7 to a 6.05. You can't argue with facts.

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I like camping to get high streaks and to make people mad but i also usually camp next to an objective or right near one to defend it and that's usually how i get most of my kills. I almost never lose and i usually always get my Loki to help my team even more.

If you are going to complain about camping then you just need to realize it is a playing style and you need to get used to it.No matter what you say or do it's never not going to be in CoD, as it's already a major part of it.Also camping like a pro takes skill so don't say campers suck at CoD. Remember you can take the building out of the worm, but you cannot take the worm out of the building.

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I have never seen a  camper win, or have a nice KD, I play FFA and they always lose and get tore up in the game.. funny is that they seem to have a routine they swear by.. ied in an entrance of a building, and ADS at the door.. end result.. 4- 22

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i think i said before i play all kinds of styles, but if i decide to camp i normally do quite well and more times than enough i end up with highest score and ive only been playing on line since xmas, although i have played all the campaigns over and over again, if your in the right spot on the right map its easy to win, normally if im camping i dont even call in my first kill streak which is the wolf because he is a bit of a give away yesterday i played a game and my kd was 24/1 and that was highest score of the game and im finding now that if i do use my wolf im finishing games with a wolf still ready to call because im on my 4th kill streak, if i run and gun to much i never even get close to this

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i think this is the problem with the game.. its the community, they tend to camp for streaks, which doesnt keep the game moving, and it gives the false sense to the camper  accomplishment

people say " its a play style" mmm no its playing the game to cater to your inability to think on the go. a camper has no reflex management, and minimal abilities to adapt in a match..

and to be honest i dont see how this "playstyle" could be fun at all!.. the only thing campers say is that its fun to "piss people off".. so basically what they are saying is they are playing for other people instead of their there selve.. and to challenge there self

a camper is like a fat guy who makes an excuse as to why he is fat because exercising is "too hard".. that is a camper mentality

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I dunno, man. There's a spot in Stonehaven from which I have easily gotten a 3:1 ratio without ever being caught at that spot. The only way I've been killed is when someone spawns right behind me, because well - as we already know - some days are pretty crappy for spawning.

Any sniper has probably already discovered this spot, but it basically allows you to even lay down when someone is nearby, and if you have both Blind Eye and Off the Grid ON, you are basically invisible and can ignore the enemies just walking by you. I'd say that this is a pretty messed up spot to be shot from, considering that if you continue scoped in for a few seconds, the player who was killed will not know where EXACTLY he/she was shot from unless they have memorized the map down to every frickin pixel

Of course... this is only ONE map we're talking about. Then again... if you're a patient camper, there are spots in both Tremor and Prison Break that NO ONE ever looks for. The EASIEST way to find good spots to camp from is to play a few matches of Infected. It will show you the places people look last. If you make it till the end. You just found yourself a GREAT spot to camp from.

Yes. I encourage camping. Because, even though this is just a game, if you want the lowest amount of deaths, you don't want to be running around like a fool.

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COD is an arcade shooter.

Many past titles have catered to a run-gun style. It's this constant action that appeals to the majority. Yes, I said majority, and that includes the developers. BO2 - ghost perk didn't work unless you were moving - to discourage campers. BO2 also put aside kill streaks and replaced with score streak - to encourage the pansies to get out of their corners and actually play the objectives. It's the same with new game mode additions like kill confirmed in MW3 and Cranked in Ghosts - run run run...

Camping takes little to no skill.  Why, because ANYONE can do it. Tell a rusher (even a bad one) to sit in a corner and just watch one point of entry - he'll be able to do it like a champ. Now tell a camper to go out and rush - epic fail...

Reasons why players camp...

1) Lack of twitch/stick skills

2) Only way they can reach their kill streaks

3)  Lack of Map awareness

Campers slow the game down  and to be quite honest - they are inferior players.

If we were able to pick our teammates from an open player pool - how many would choose a camper..?

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Je suis sur PS3 et je retrouve aussi beaucoup plus de campeurs que sur les COD précédents... Je pense que c'est due au fait que Call Of Duty s'est fait connaître et à gagner de jeunes fans, mais aussi femmes, qui ne savent pas toujours très bien jouer... et préfèrent donc camper, ce qui est normal je comprend aussi ton avis. Mais le reste, ceux qui ont connu les autres COD c'est de l'abus complet, Call of Duty commence à "craindre" chez les vrais gamers en France. Si ils ne réagissent pas vite sur ce qui font leur force, c'est-à-dire le multijoueur, la compétition va commencer à craindre aussi. De plus, le gros moins de Call Of Duty c'est qu'ils n'écoutent pas leur communauté quand elle n'est pas d'accord avec ce qu'ils font. (contrairement à leur concurrent principal) Rien ne s'améliore donc réellement et concrètement, ou tu attends un ou deux ans qu'un nouveau COD te fasse rêver...? Déjà que graphiquement ce n'est même plus du foutage de gueule mais du vol... si ils continuent à faire qu'une moitié de jeu (car oui j'appelle ça comme ça) puisque maintenant ils font tout pour te faire acheter le fameux Season Pass qui va avec simplement pour avoir un jeu correct, c'est assez abusé et je confirme mes propos: Extinction, seulement 1 chapitre "gratuit". D'accord ils ont le droit de faire du marketing, mais là ... j'ai plus qu'à me consoler sur le mode Histoire qui est superbe, dommage que la communauté baisse la qualité du multi aussi ... il faut le dire, sinon je ne serai pas là à m'en plaindre.
Il ne me reste plus qu'à attendre et tester le prochain Call of Duty suffisamment pour me décider à l'acheter, ou pas.

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I agree 100%.  When the clown gets in the car and his 30 friends jump in with him...HILARIOUS!!

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