Two things I feel like talking about

Ghosts XBOX 360

First, I used squads to test run the AK12 with and without grip (18 3 strike zone blitz no grip. 44 0 warhawk tdm with grip... Yes, I earned a KEM from it.) And came to the conclusion that it is too good.

Second (most important) is the suggestion of a buff for slugs on pump shorties so they are more practical and consistent (making the accuracy reward worth it after test run results showed a lack of consistancy):

Increase the 1hk range (feels too short even with muzzle brake)

Change the damage multipliers to apply to lower limbs instead of 2 upper 2 lower (from what I saw when watching drift0r)

Change the sp cost to 4 instead of 3

Marginally decrease the fire rate when equipped.

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