Unusual FFA Lobby Glitch?

Ghosts XBOX 360

I meant to post this 2 nights ago when it happened. As some of you might know I play FFA 99% of the time and have 6 days play time invested.

What happened the other night was a First. My lobby at intermission went from 7-8 people to double the size. My Jaw dropped when the entire right side of the lobby screen filled with names as if I was in a ground war game of the past. I was skeptical the next game was actually going to load (sovereign) being it a small sized map with all the people we had.

Well to my surprise the game started and seemed lag free, the only bonus was all the extra people crammed in to such a small map! It was action packed and I ended the game a bit faster than I normally do because of this.

After the game most the lobby left and it never happened again, Sadly

I just wanted to share what I found to be a strange glitch in FFA. Anyone else have any idea how this happened or experienced something similiar? 

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Wow sounds pretty good!

Only thing I've ever seen similar to this in past cods was when sometimes it would allow a party to join a HCTDM game making 7 or 8 players on one side against 6.

Not seen anything similar in Ghosts tho.

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