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VIP Game mode

Had an idea come to me whilst playing at my local airsoft field the other day, thought this might be a fun CoD game type.  Basically, it's an urban environment.  There's a "VIP" government official or whatever.  He's locked himself in a room.  There's a team of "assassins" that are well organized, and start together, and an extraction team.  They start spread around the field, and have to try and regroup, eliminate the assassins and extract the the vip, or try to extract and go through the enemy team, while keeping the VIP alive.  VIP has a gun, but only a pistol.  One reload clip, and a blinking light beacon so everybody knows who he is.  Great fun to play, especially if you try to extract with enemies up.  Feel like it would be awesome in CoD.  Kind of a search variant.  One life only.

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Sounds fun, but clans would take over and team up.

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