WHY is name and shame not allowed ?

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If a person chooses with there own free will to cheat in a game, then they are responsible for there own actions. No one forced them to cheat or Glitch, or put a gun to there families head. They should be held responsible and named. They gave up there right to be treated fairly and there details to be kept private when they choice to break the TOC that is agreed to in the game and Xbox live.

Why is it acceptable for those who break these rules to be given the same rights as a person who plays fair and follows the TOC. It's the same in life, day after day the criminal gets treated better than the victim. This is wrong plain and simple and to allow there details to stay anonymous just lets those who do it, too abuse the system undetected by US the paying customer who are trying to have fun.

I can understand that in some cases it is hard to detect if a person is cheating or not but for the underground glitch and some others. It's 100 % certain that these individual vermin are cheating, there is no question. It;s ok saying report these players but I've done that in the past in MW3 and BO2 where it was 100% sure they were hacking (Invisibility hack comes to mind) and I've still seen these players online over a month later. If you cheat you need to be console banned from xbox live and not allowed back on even if you buy another Xbox or live membership.

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Because they will get their punishment at the hands of those who own the service. Its up to the service provider to deal with them, not me and certainly not you. The CoD community is horrendous enough in its attitude towards those who wish it well and try to improve its experience. No amount of cheating in a game could possibly warrant the sheer volume of abuse they'd get from certain quarters.

So yes, name and shame is out of the question. Most definitely.

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If you are really curious... PM the mods and ask them.


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they should be held responsible  but thats it. A PET enforcement member is the only judge in the situation.

Regardless if you think he is innocent and whether you are wrong or right still doesnt mean you are allowed to name and shame him. Well at LEAST on this forum. You can post anything you want on the internet as long as you are allowed . But in this forum naming and shaming is not allowed.

Assuming you got told in another thread not to name and shame then you need to follow the policy of this forum like you agreed to. Two wrongs dont make it right.

Assuming again its due to a post on the forum you REALLY need to take it up with a moderator who makes the rules and PM them . Instead of bringing opinions up on the forum.

I noticed a mod already answered your question so maybe you should ask HIM instead of airing your dirty laundry.

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Name&Shame is not allowed for multiple reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

1. These boards are not monitored for Enforcement. Meaning that posting a suspected cheater's information here is not going to notify the team and will not have them reviewed. In game reporting is the way to send their information.

2. Posting someone's information with accusations can be harassment. Right or wrong. Proof or not. It is harassment and that violates the Code of Conduct, Community Etiquette and Terms of Use for this site. Posting someone's personal information (yes including gamertags) without their consent is also a privacy concern that is addressed is those guidelines.

3. Name & Shame threads are inherently toxic and lead down a path of multiple users violating the Code of Conduct in response to those posts. We want to avoid those kinds of conflicts and focus on constructive discussion

Bottom line - As your peers (and a moderator stated in your other thread) have told you Name & Shame is not allowed. Report those players in game and also report them to your platform enforcement team (Xbox/PS).

In the future if you have questions about Community Guidelines or forum rules, PM one of the moderators.

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