We need more objective game modes and a reward for playing the objective

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We need more objective game modes and a reward for...

I really want to like this game but the lack of good game modes really turns me off. They took out most of the objective game modes and now we have 5 different variations of TDM. The few objective game modes that we do have all have static objectives. This game plays slow and campy with huge maps. We need objective game modes that have objectives that move around the map (headquarters & hardpoint). Even a noob can headglitch or lay in the grass and defend an objective that doesnt move all game long.

My other gripe is the fact that you dont get rewarded for playing the objective in this game. This was a big mistake by IW.  BLOPS2 had it right. Rewarding the first person on a flag and screwing the rest doesnt promote teamwork. If Im one off a good streak then why should I risk my life on a flag.

This game has various other issues just like every other COD. I was able to over look them in other games because there were various objectives and it was fun to play the objective. I play with a full squad all the time and this game is still boring with fun people to talk to and play with.

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Re: We need more objective game modes and a reward...

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I thought Scorestreaks, where a flag or bomb were worth more than a kill in objective modes, were the best thing to happen to this game since support and specialist strike packages.  Too bad they couldn't exist together.

HQ was fun in MW2 and BO1, but somehow I didn't like it as much in MW3 or BO2.  Hardpoint was my least favorite game type in BO2, because the fact that it is active as soon as it spawns, and it always spawns in the same order, meant that people would just camp the next HP, which feels like missing the point of a moving objective.

Demolition.  We need Demolition.  There are no bomb planting games, SnD/R are about killing the other team.  Demolition is the highest action game there has ever been, other than WAR is WaW.  When I play Dem, I usually play other games after to relax.

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