What happend to the good old days of cod

Ghosts XBOX 360

If you look at all the features of the game, Ghost actually has less than MW2 and MW3. They've just fragmented it out to seem like you have more of a choice.  But apparently, most people prefer that.

As for me, I do prefer the older game styles. And game design is like fashion. It's cyclical.  So eventually it'll come back. It's just a matter of will than fan base still be there.

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by your analogy yes it will come back but it will be a modernized version which wont exactly be the same thing even remotely it will just look similar

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I think it'll look the same and just be called something different. Which is worse...

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prob wont still be there im guessing

why spread out perks and just not pro them

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I'll make it real simple for everyone, COD4 is king of the multiplayer experience and has yet to be duplicated. Ghosts is the worst COD to date! The devs really need to go back to the roots of what made the series great and stop listening to the paid promoters and youtube echo chamber.

Just one mans opinion

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Ghosts is the closest thing to CoD4 since CoD4. I know you think this is a sacrilegious statement but its still my opinion. If you take a closer look at the "paid promoters and youtube echo chamber", you should see IW didn't really make them their first priority.

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MW was fun in its moment and it was new, reason why many such as yourself (me to) compare it, but that is simply not fair. MW was not the first shooter in MP history, theoretically this game "wolf stein 3D" was the first shooter, to compare from.

File:Wolf3d pc.png

I surely do not miss any of that.

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The first shooter I fell in love with was Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

I love me some COD4 and WaW... but that game, to me, will always be the greatest MP experience.

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for me its Halo I will always enjoy playing halo... and raging at legendary... If I recall I played some 10,000 matches on Halo 2 multiplayer. I miss the skill I used to have, Headshots were nothing, running around on legendary one shotting every Flood I cam across (halo 3)

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Halo 2 was my game sucks how horrible halo 4 was though. these COD people complaining about ghosts have no clue what halo fans had to go through recently.

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