What is your favorite gun so far?

Ghosts XBOX 360

My best KD is the first assault rifle and the honeybadger. at a 1.7

my fav gun to use is the vector with a poor KD of .93

Just curious to see what some of the players that enjoy this game are using, and with what attachments

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my favorite is the MSBS because i dont even have to aim it i can just hip fire and people die in two shots.

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My favorite to use is the chainsaw. However I use the Remington more than anything else.

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badger with grip and extended mags, VMR if not a fan of iron.

MR-28- thermal hybrid, muzzle break

Remington- grip, vmr, silencer ( have to use Scavenger, or extended mags)

M-Tar- silencer or muzzle break ( loud or not), rds

If you were a fan of the KSG, try this one :  VKS-acog and mags ( or armor peircing)

similar rpm, one shot ability if good quick aim, good long range.  Reduced mobility and ads time is the big difference but it is fun.

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Vector and the ARX-160

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haven't uses much, just 8 hours played, So far remington and m27

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Well I do enjoy the honey badger...seems to be my main gun.

I also like to play with the AK and just started with the full auto MSBS.

Still trying to find an SMG and LMG that I like.

crazy canuk
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HHoney badger and bulldog

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I really like the AK-12   but the Honey Badger is awesome too!

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The honey badger is probaly one of the best AR in the game, then the Remington comes second. honey badger with red dot and grip helped me get a streak of about 22, then the game ended before i got the K.E.M. Rem reddot and grip as well 2.00 KD with it so, these are the best ARs. SMG would be vector or the Mtar. but ARs are the way to go in this game.

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