What is your favorite gun so far?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Dude i agree. ARs are the best all around. If you like a bit more of a self-challenge, the Marksman rifles are fun and a bit more interesting to use too. But All of the ARs are very well balanced in their attributes, making them good all around weapon choices

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my favorite gun is the k7 but my best gun is the LSAT with acog and silencer.  love that gun.  NO KICK WHATSOEVER.

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mk14 ebr


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I think I've only got around an hour of game time in but I just recently discovered the Remington and that is amazing.  With foregrip, the iron sights are decent until you find some optics you like.

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Oh yeah, Foregrips are amazing with pretty much every rifle with less recoil you can do way more precise damage and higher accuracy. You are so right! 

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if you get big streaks, or want to, you almost have to use extended mags.  Or scavenger, or both.  Unless you happen across an ammo crate to replenish, any streak over ten ( assuming you have good aim- worse aim would be less) you have to pick up another gun.

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Loving the honeybadger and the USR.  No need to use any other guns with those 2.... gonna have to force myself though or the game might get old quick

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USR is my go to sniper ( I rarely use just a sniper, but do have a good overkill class with it), but I get so many hit markers.  I can one shot someone across the map, but then I will be within shot gun range and get hit markers?  I mostly like it because how it aims in, sway, etc, and ( lord forgive me) run the thermal on it.  I have had as much or better results with the VKS, but don't like how it shoots as much.  VKS with ACOG is fun though.

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Absolutely love the Thermal Scope. Personally I run the L115 but I also use Overkill and the Badger. If I didn't, the USR would be my go to. Great mobility, lots of fun, super satisfying.

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CBJ is my favorite SMG.


MK28 for LMG

Bulldog for shotgun.

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