What is your favorite gun so far?

Ghosts XBOX 360

LSAT by far with various combos of attachments, but fav is:


     Rapid fire


     Flash suppressor

Got that with a Panzer and danger close, LOL the raging going on. Before you HC people go off, no I do not play HC at all, mostly Dom and TDM. It's funny putting a tuber on a LMG now, LSAT is as OP as ever...

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AAlso the chainsaw that is one fun gun to use

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ive found that the gun i like is the FAD with the grip and suppressor. plus as a bonus it has a clip size of 42 instead of 30.

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poisonvein7 wrote:

ive found that the gun i like is the FAD with the grip and suppressor. plus as a bonus it has a clip size of 42 instead of 30.

Admittedly, I haven't even tried all of the guns. I've only tried the first couple and stuck with whats working for me so far. I like the FAD with flash suppressor and reflex (blue dot). I'd love to go iron sights to fre up a spot to have grip as well. But flash suppressor does a good job of keeping gun steady and these maps are too big that I need the optics.

For SMG, I'm enjoying the MTAR-X with muzzle break and reflex (blue dot).

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I love the FAD. I just run a Silencer and Armor Piercing rounds and it is amazing. It's fire rate:recoil ratio is near perfect for me. I also like to run the M27 on the larger, more open maps.

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I run the AK 12 with muzzle brake n grip. Question though what would be better to go along with grip to kill at long ranges muzzle brake or flash suppressor?

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The Vector is so legit. You barely have to try..


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Call me crazy,

But I ran the L115 Primary with a Thermal Scope and Chrome Barrel.

But within that same class, I use Overkill and run a Honey Badger with an extended mag...

Best class i've played yet, I absolutely love it. Got my first K.E.M using it!

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k7 with rapid fire and grip

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they're all pretty bland and boring so far, I'm getting sick of not seeing my M16 in cod games, although the Chainsaw looks promising. I'd have to say my favorite out of all of them is the second LMG with the beta mags, i forget the name, M7 or something

granted ive only gotten to play with 3 guns in my 6 hours of play time since unlocks are disgustingly slow

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