What my community wants to see in next title update! How about you?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Hi, Everyone i have made a list with some friends and clan members. What the next Title Update need to include to make this game playable.

Search and Destroy / Rescue

  • S&D / S&R starting round timer 15 sec -> 5 sec
  • S&D Leaderboards need to be added
  • S&D Killstreaks like (I.M.S & Sentry gun) need to stay when you die.
  • S&D Show hit markers while spectating
  • S&D Turn Party chat off.
  • S&D / S&R Show who is dead quicker. (Red / Yellow name)
  • S&D / S&R The player body is not moving while planting.

Game in general:

  • Leaderboards need to be cleaned. Remove all the hackers !
  • Show the connection / Ping bars.
  • Make a button in the mute player menu to show their Gamercard
  • Do something about the life. Its almost hardcore !
  • Fix Hacked lobby's
  • Where are the most competitive gamemodes CTF / Hardpoint ??
  • Let the Guard Dog spawn outside the map and let them run to the player who got the killstreak. Now it will spawn in front of your face !
  • Show lobby / ingame voice chat icon quicker is now delayed when someone starts talking.

Everyone be free to add more hints for the IW DEV team under this post.

Regards, GT: Fariko Noway


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- we want to see all the CODeSports tools / rules soon

- There are still no dedicated servers in Europe *The Netherlands

- Not for titleupdate: Please make smaller maps for the upcoming mappack

Added by community members:

- Fariko Power: I think you should have a secondary knife if you dont have a pistol, pretty annoying that you cant yy while running if you have no secondary.

- Fariko Power: Maybe make the SnD/SnR ingame Leaderboards update fastester sometimes you kill someone and then you look at the scoreboard to see howmany people are still alive and it shows youre (killed) enemy is still alive.




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I like that your body moves when planting, you cant plant the bomb without moving your arms???

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I mean when your try to turn around while lying on the ground.

I know its stuppid when you see body's spinning as crazy when someone is planting / defusing but you need to cover your legs while planting / defusing/

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Even though they are possibly good ideas. You may want to just give up fighting to get the leaderboard hacks cleared. The leaderboards have always been full of hackers. So I am sure they wont do it this year either.

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What i want in an update is maps that interact more with the play, like the maps of the mode extinction that makes the playing experience more fun. And make the combination of the players in their teams more balanced, like putting player that have high levels in opposite side.

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a new challenge system

this one is utterly crap.

mine is glitched for 2 days now i cant even switch challenges

make all challenges do-able and add special challenges that can be purchased or something

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Guard Dog needs to be on a timer like every other kill-streak

Cranked mode variation:    

-Everyone starts normal, when you are killed, you spawn 'cranked' and with 30 sec countdown until you blow up. When you get a kill you become normal again and the countdown stops. The player you killed then respawns cranked and so on. Team mode: If you blow up you spawn normal. FFA: If you blow up you spawn cranked.

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There are what I'd like in the next update:

Add a 5 second spawn delay to HC KC and also allow us to choose to spawn straight away if we want.

I'd like a connection indicator.

Fix the spawn system.

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Besides fixing the lag issues and the spawning nightmares that I and a lot of others are experiencing, I would like to see the return of:

     1. Demolition

     2. Hardpoint

     3. Headquarters

     4. Hardcore Domination.

I do enjoy the new game modes Blitz and Cranked. I hope they continue into future titles. I would prefer to go back to the pick 10 system on BO2, but that is just a personal like over the squad point system. I prefer the smaller maps from the Black Op series over the larger maps in Ghosts, once again my preference. Hopefully <fingers crossed> if the lag issues clear up, than maybe the sit and wait approach that is very prevalent right now will decrease.

Lets hope that IW will listen and make some of, if not all of, the changes we the players are wanting. I will add that the IW's history of correcting itself does not give me hope, but I am willing to cross my fingers and wait it out...for a while anyways.

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