What's gone wrong since the last update?

Ghosts XBOX 360

When this game first came out I was singing it's praises. I said it's the best COD for years.

I had very little connection issues but since the last update it has been HORRIBLE to play. It's not just me as well, all my friends that play the game have said the same thing.

I used to get lag on the odd occasion. Now I get a lag free lobby on the odd occasion.

I think something has changed that has broke match making.

I think it could also be a server issue as a regular occurrence is to get the "fetching online profile" message that stays on the screen for over a minute and then I get told the Call Of Duty servers are not available. I know it's not just me that has this problem as well.

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As far as the "fetching profile" issue is concerned. I almost always get that the first time I try to sing into Multiplayer. If it takes more than five seconds, I dashboard, then just load the game back up. fixes it every time.

I've also noticed what seems to be a bit more lag lately, though it's still minuscule compared to previous games. Dunno if matchmaking has been a little wonky or what, but give the variances between my matches, I know it's just me being stuck with a less-than-ideal host. I know perfectly well when I get outplayed and have NO problems admitting it, but when I start unloading on someone, and the kill me before they've fully turned to face me, something's a little off lol. This BARELY happened at the beginning of the game, and now is almost a 50/50 occurrence for me some days. 

Maybe more locals (I live in Missouri, USA) have been migrating to the Xbone? Who knows? I still enjoy this iteration of CoD the most! HIT DETECTION WORKS!!!

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Hit detection works? What?

The amount of time I've shot people and just had my bullets not generate hit markers.

Yeah, it's really working.

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I definitely think some of the problem is that the host selection process isn't working properly. It worked fine to start with and now it seems to pick a useless host 8/10 times.

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