What's the damn problem?!

Ghosts XBOX 360

I've just come off a session which i enjoyed immensely, i have to admit sometimes i struggle to have fun for whatever reason, but tonight after a few drinks it was great; that's good enough for me. It is a really good game as you mentioned.

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ya same here..just played for a good 3 hours..no games over 6 deaths, 20-3 average...getting used to the game has really helped..i know where i wanna chill on each map...spawns are fairly simple...really is a good game afterall

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the graphics are good ... if you're not lagging to death... the story is good.... the guns are weak even with add on... i agree with the other's at respawn, respawning in front of a dude aiming at u isn't fun but i'm sure others respawn in front of campers all the time... but it's terrible if you're playing free - for - all ... the effects in tremor is cute... the end of the game in whiteout is useless when they launch the blast to cause an avalanche? u can't see it at all so a waste of time, speaking of waste of time... count downs are way too long, if u can't decide what gun you're using in five seconds, let alone 15, there's something wrong.... other then the lag switch people, the under the ground killers... the cheaters.... it's a good game but i miss the multiple campaign and it was great times with family... that being said... this is my last game... don't like the same old story and they took out too much i did like... it's just my opinion and six of my families... we are in search of a game that we can campaign together in and if not... well, guess we'll go fishing lol... nice post, enjoyed your views

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the game is great!!
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Extinction mode is not a replacement for zombies its simply Infinity Wards new game mode. I'm sure that Treyarch's

call of duty which will be out sometime next year will continue the zombie mode experience. Also extinction mode is

actually a lot of fun and hopefully IW will expand on this in upcoming DLC's. As for the graphics, there ok, i would say

on the same page as BF4 but certainly not superior by any means. My only problem with this game is the terrible

connection and lack of dedicated servers. OH yeah the spawns are pretty comical as well.

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