What's the damn problem?!

Ghosts XBOX 360

i agree... respawning right in front of somebody aiming at u probably three times a game if not more is redonkulous...

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I'm unsure, but if the videos of this title are anything to go by, I could almost fall asleep between kills.
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I love my dog.

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I love Ghosts! It is great! People should quit whining and use their brains while running around- then they wouldnt get killed so much.

Guys just wanna run around all crazy, but Ghosts forces people to think.

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Dude - if you seriously have to ask this question, then you're not reading the reasons why people dislike the game.

Spawns are ridiculous, weapons and attachments suck, sound is WAY off, perk system BLOWS, maps are retarded, and the kill streaks are weak as hell. It's just a flat-out terrible game. Thanks to Treyarch.

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So, you're one of the kids getting beat all the time. Those guys killing you over and over with terrible weapons must be terrible too.

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While voicing your opinion is a luxury most of us are afforded, you seem to be missing the overall hypocrisy behind complaining at the complainers.  I've been playing COD Multiplayer since 2 (Before MW/BO era), and I have some legitimate concerns myself.  Our concerns are not made illegitimate because you enjoy the game the way it is: we paid our money just the same as you did.  Tell me, do you buy a product to do what you want it to, or are you simply grateful that you have a new $200 paperweight?

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Its only a paperweight if you want it to be. Adapt.

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The beauty of a consumer base economy is that, I don't have to.  I can return my paperweight, and never purchase another IW/Activison game.  Seeing as I enjoy aspects of the game, I feel like voicing my opinion in an attempt to see my desires considered is a reasonable middle ground.  Given that my desires echo the desires of a growing number of people, I feel it safe to conclude that mine is the best course of action.  I do appreciate your suggestion though, and do hope that it serves you well.  Baaaaa

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