What's up with these noobs running around with a dog to get kills for them?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Since I'm a guy who pretty much just plays FFA, it's very annoying when I'm on a streak and I kill some kid and BOOM he has a dog right there to kill me because of his lack of gunskill. To add to it, I never use assault streaks, just specialist. And because of this I literally have no defense against it. There have been countless times where I have been less than about 7 kills off a KEM and I've been killed by a dog and it's really getting old. Who else has this problem?

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It seems hard to believe if you are "beasting" all the time then how does he have a 4-5 killstreak the dog? occasionally he might get it and it kills you but if you are 7 off the KEM a lot then I struggle to believe you would fall for that old chestnut all the time I believe you died once going for a KEM and posted your frustration here, just to point out I have had a few KEM strikes and that is on cranked which is hard to do the point is the KEM strike is hard to get and you will die by annoying things sometimes but the better player will adjust to it and play on the worse player will dwell on the annoyance of losing a streak and never forget it, it seems you are option 2 my friend  

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Because it's not too hard to get 5 kills (4 if using hardline) to get the guard dog, a streak that is way overpowered for getting it at so few kills. Hell, it's just straight OP in the first place. And they get it because they're dumb and like to hang out in the middle of the map, I like to stick to the outsides and lay low to get KEM strikes... I'm not a bad player by any means, I've already got 4 KEM and I have a 2.56 KD. Back in Mw3 I had over 500 MOAB because you actually would get every perk once you hit specialist, thus giving me Blind Eye so I would be protected from assault users.

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You gotta die at some stage - you're just remembering being killed by dogs. A lot of gamers would choose easy to reach streaks in a match of Free For All - as you well know its a fast paced game where you can die at any stage. If I where you I'd be happy with doing so well,, it's not as if you are playing against bots.

Most importantly - Dogs are awesome, you don't need to be a noob to get a kick out of them.

Honestly, stop focusing on the deaths you're receiving and putting pressure on yourself to get a KEM - enjoy the kills you do make more (there is a human on the other end a lot more frustrated than you)

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the dogs are just a little op in smaller Close quarters maps, when they jump at you before you come around the corner and you come around the corner and there is a dog in your face and your dead

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Noobs won't get to a 5 killstreak reward.
And if they do you're doing something wrong

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i like how he says they dont have any gun skill and have the dogs do it for them when it was in fact the gun skill that got them enough kills to call in the dog in the first place. lol

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NNice though remeber it's ghosts just hop up a ledge or in a corner and 5 kills is easy if there a run gunner though

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lack of gunskill..? lol if he got a dog while you where"beasting" how is that lack of gunskill ? if your gettin killed by the dog then you have lack of gunskill since you cant kill the dog...

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