What's up with these noobs running around with a dog to get kills for them?

Ghosts XBOX 360

75 kills with the dog is an operation.

I've to stop trying to complete ops so you can shoot me from the corner you are camping in?? I think not.

Also in the last game I played, I started out with a heavy shiny object called a gun. This is your defence against having your face chewed off by my anti camping device.

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I have more important things to worry about when playing this than dogs. I think the dog is awsome, i don't use it as i think the growling is silly and it wines... as a stealth player i try and kill it myself for giving my position away!

My issue is the spawns and extreme camping situation. I feel guilty when people spawn infront of me and they just wanna have fun so i leave them until i feel it is a fair fight. so the game sucks for me.

The Glitches are already coming clear and lag switching is still apparent for the snipers. and i also met 6 people in lobbies that are prestige 10. played for 1hr? work that out.

Another fail i see COD!!!

BF4 have no issues like this so off i go! Toodles

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Because it's like the best kill streak. It doesn't go away after a set amount of time, persists through spawns and can get you kills unlike the chopper for example.

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Thats why I hate it. It's not even a guard dog, more of which a run-around-the-map-kill-everyone-no-gun skill... Dog.

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Of course the "noobs" are going to be using the dog.  When you start playing it's one of the 3 streaks you have available to you in the assault package.  It was also one of the first operations I got to call in 50 dogs.  Also, if the guy/girl got the 5 kills to eark the dog they most likely are not devoid of gun-skill as you infer.

This is frankly a ridiculous complaint - the purpose of the game is to win, not to achieve streaks.  If you are doing consistently well then you should have no reason to complain about the odd death here and there.  You may not have any assault streaks, but the additional perks earned as part of the specialist package do put you at a significant advantage when it comes to 1v1 gunfights.

Time to build a bridge and get over it

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Sounds like the noob was being a beast by being able to get enough kills to call in his beast.

Ther only beast it sounds like we have here is the noob.

I dont see the noob crying cause you were SEVEN kills of of a KEM. Why isnt he complaining about the times he was ONE kill off of a KEM. Oh thats right he never got that high of a killstreak because he was always 7 kills away.

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Yes yes yes. I think we should be supporting the underdog  

maybe I should write a post exclaiming "why do I always die one short of a Sat Com". At least it is truthful.

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So let us get this straight. You are complaining because the people are killing you with a dog instead of a weapon? Let us break down your comment here:

1) The guard dog is a 5 kill streak. He has to get kills in order to get it and people usually use their "gunskill" to achieve this. And if every time you are on a streak and this happens, i dont think that player is a noob and lacks any gunskill.

2) The only way for the guard dog to get you is if that player is near you and if you let them near you, well then it is your fault.

3) It doesnt matter if what type of streak you have (assault, support, specialist), those really wouldnt help you against a dog anyway. What would help you? Oh, I dont know, a gun perhaps? Maybe a claymore or I.E.D. or even C4. Just because you have specialist streaks, doesnt mean you cant defend yourself against a dog.

4) Thus we have the REAL reason of why this thread is here. Complaining all because you were on killstreaks going for the ultimate prize. No one here cares about that. If there was something legitimately wrong with the dog streak, then we may have sympathy, but since you are mad all because your killstreaks were ended, we wont care. It happens. But just because it happens like this sometimes doesnt mean to come on here and claim they dont have gunskill just because you died on a streak. You get back in there and try harder to get your streak.

You are just mad you keep getting your streaks ended. And stop using the word "noob". It lost its meaning because all people do nowadays is throw that term around anytime something happens to them that they dont like and it is REALLY annoying.

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The only problem I have with the dog is that it is way op. 15 rounds and 3 buckshot to the face should drop the dog, but no, he gets knocked down, rolls over and then rips my face off. 1 knife wont even kill the dog. This has happened a lot. I could understand if the dog was a 10 kill streak or higher, but its only a 5. I can get 5 kills w/o dying easy. Players only take 3 to 6 bullets or 1 buck shot to kill, but not Underdog and his bullet proof fur. If you are at a distance you have a chance, but in close quarters you will lose every time. If people say they have killed the dog in close quarters its only because the dog was already hurt. They need to nerf the dog.

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