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Okay let me start off by saying I have been playing Call of Duty since the launch of CoD 3 (thats CoD 3, CoD 4 MW, CoD WaW, CoD MW 2, CoD BO, CoD MW3, CoD BO2, CoD Ghosts). Each game I have played and maxed out stats. I also am the leader of a clan called Envy Australia (started nearly 4 years ago) which at it's prime was number 1 in Australia and 10th in the world for KD/SPM/WL. Please believe me I know what I am talking about and have plenty of experience. On these very forums I also created a massive rumour which got a lot of attention.


Okay so for the first time ever the dislike for Ghosts out weighs my want to play, this means I literally don't play any more. I'm not hear to bash Ghosts because I know a lot of people love it, but also a lot of people don't. We're not here to argue this. This is what I personally believe will make a great game, and will cater for all kinds of people. Going back to BO2 I realise they did A LOT right, also a bit wrong. This is a wish list for the next Call of Duty game made by Treyarch.

Introducing - Call of Duty Black Ops 3

     - PUBLIC

- Start off - Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Black Ops 2 game

- Upgrade engine/graphics to suit next gen platforms (X1/PS4)

- Keep in point system for killstreaks

- Keep all guns re-skin and re-mask original BO2 guns

- Buff slightly sub machine guns to the way the were perviously to the CURRENT patch.

- Remove Target Finders

- Modify C4 so it CANNOT be thrown, MUST be placed and slightly increase damage

- Make all bolt sniper rifles like the Ballista, must be high chest or headshot for it to be a 1 shot kill, remove cross hairs from hip fire, remove auto aim, incorporate duel rendering (Ghosts style).

- Remove high uncontrollable killstreaks (too easy and everyone rage quits)

- Keep badges Ultra kill, Nuclear etc

- When you get 30 GUN kills a bomber should fly over with the GamerTag of the player written on the underside of the aeroplane and drop a nuke in the distance, no one dies but everyone knows you got the nuke.

- Incorporate a 5 minute probation for rage quitting IF they were playing in the game from the VERY FIRST SECOND. Also distinguish between pressing the QUIT button from a host disconnecting so players do NOT get punished for a losing host.

- When a host disconnects don't mark all lobby players as a loss to their record.

- Keep map design how it was in BO2 (perfect) examples Raid, Slums, Hijacked, Standoff

- Bring back Raid remastered (not modified)

- Keep prestige system the same

- Fresh start should only be allowed ONCE

- Update the Pick 10 System to Pick 100 System, assign valued points for primary, secondaries, perks, grenades, attachments, tacticals, and even point streaks.

- Incorporate player Ping rather than 1-4 Bar (or Ghosts no bar.......)

- Make walls more bullet proof please, everything can be shot through in BO2 a bit frustrating

- Get given the option to either dolphin dive or knee slide

- Take out Hunter Killer Drones

- Incorporate player customisation (unless it removes game functionality like Ghosts)

- Emblem Editor 3.0

- Remove Tac Insertions

- Incorporate a Skill Bases Statistic (SBS) which comes up with a stat involving your KD SPM WL Kills and possibly accuracy. So people aren't all about KD (=camping/lobby shopping/dashboard)


- Separate stats from public and LP PLEASE

- Keep monthly games like in BO2

- When finding game and players don't show rank stats KD or anything only name (if that at all)

- Only show division/stats when the map is loading

- Like public distinguish when a player disconnects/dashboards so they cop a loss and are named and shamed also add probation but not to people who leave a game when they are already down a member.

- Incorporate a forfeit feature, if a player turns his xbox you shouldn't be forced to continue. As long as all players agree.

- LP has been a great addition so the rest is pretty well perfect.

Treyarch I want to say thank you for creating a good game even though it has many problems, listen to these ideas for your next creation and I think they game will be a success. Don't put in explosives because you feel like you need to, Infinity Ward is a perfect example with their IED's, the game is plagued by them and it's gotten way out of hand.

Please feel free to add your own ideas, I'd love to hear what you all have to say. Go easy and keep it constructive.

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Please post this in the Black Ops 2 forums.

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Why? It still relates it's a Call of Duty game

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Infinity Ward does not make Black Op games they make Modern Warfare and Ghosts games Treyarch makes Black Ops so they would be the ones that need to see this.

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I'm posting this more to see what people think about the ideas, if they agree/disagree or have anything to add. This isn't just a message for developers, more to gauge the public opinion. Also I did post it in Black Ops 2 forums, you are correct. It is still acceptable for me to post it here.

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It's only acceptable in the Off Topic sub forum I was only trying to help.

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Actually it isn't. These forums are specifically related to Ghosts and so it's offtopic. It's also duplicate content since you did also post it in the BO2 forums.


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