When is something going to be done about these boosters

Ghosts XBOX 360

Im in no way jealous of someone that needs to cheat to get streaks but its just getting very disruptive.

How is someone expected to enjoy the game when half the enemy team is constantly running to a part of the map where a fellow team member waits to kill them with no fight being put up. then if its the enemy team how can one expect to play when theres 3 helo pilots in 5 mins.

its getting crazy

i either cant find anyone or have no help from my own team because they are just fodder for someones streaks

surely the game could tell 2 kills to 30 deaths is boosting without any input from anyone. obviously different kds wouldnt be seen automatically as boosting. i report each and every booster i see, sometimes 3 different lobbies in a row. the number of reports needed must be set too high if i see the same people doing it time after time.

why play the game if your not willing to put in the effort

is anyone reporting this behavior?

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I have seen this behaviour a bit on Ghosts, but no where near as much as on BO2 with the old tactical inserts helping the boosters.

I know what you mean though as I've been in a few games where there's no room for anything else in the sky and the games only been going a short time. So, whilst I don't think it's as easy to boost in Ghosts as previously, it is still happening and I guess all we can do is keep reporting them.

If they can't beat the cheaters, they should create a playlist solely for hackers, modders, boosters, etc and let them all play together in their lame, no skill unlevel playing field and let us keep our playlists clean for the legit players who want some fun and fairness.

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I'm sure that there are some cheaters out there but during the clan wars people tend to bring their A games and if you have some hapless randoms on your team you can expect there to be an onslaught of high end streaks in the air.  That's why I mostly run support streaks (MAAWS, either Air Superiority or Ground Jammer, and Oracle) during the clan wars and Blind Eye and Off the Grid are very helpful.  Unless you are running a full party you aren't going to be able to avoid the split screeners that go for a combined 1-45.  So you have to be prepared to take down those Helo Pilots yourself.  The added beauty of Air Superiority is that even if they have more Helo's to call in they can't until your Air Superiority runs out.  So it gives you a chance to kill them and knock them off of their streaks before they get that Loki.

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