Where is Theatre? We need theatre

Ghosts XBOX 360

I got lots of amazing kills and feeds but no theatre. This game is a waste of time because its boring and cant share good moments with friends.Administrator xbox Re: LAG, CHEATERS, TOO BIG MAPS, HORRIBLE SPAWNS, ONLY CAMPERS, NO SND, NO THEATRE MODE = GHOSTS WOR...

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It had to be removed from the game because it was causing lag and took up to much space which would have prevented many of the features currently in the game from being included.

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Tbh they have went over the top with squads mode. Most of it is boring.

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We don't need theater. People that want to make videos should get a hdpvr. So people that don't need theater have less lag

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I think that for Ghosts they had to leave certain things out due to the limits of the 360 console and theatre mode was one of them. If you think of your console as a pc, sorry more like a laptop, then you will realise that just as some laptops have problems processing too much information at the same time, so does the 360. If they had left in theatre, then the game would have played even worse. In my opinion the theatre mode in Blops2 was part of the reason that the connections were horrible. Treyarch must has been pushing the limits of the 360 to capacity and as Ghosts has much more info to process, it would be lucky to work online at all. I might be wrong a wee bit, but the guts of the reason is in there....I hope.

EDIT: In my opinion I think IW are also pushing the 360 to the limits with Ghosts as it is, unfortunately this game was built with the XBone in mind which should be able to handle it a lot better.

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Thanks for feedback guys

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For a theatre, you will have to buy the new gen xbox or ps4. There is a theater included inside and not in the game, because it say cod ghosts is developped for new gen xbox and ps4, and not for ols xbox and ps3.

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