Why Im not buying a Season Pass

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

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Id consider the flash drive hokey pokey if I could corrupt or remove the map files I don't like.

So they are never playable, I can't be sent to them, they don't show up for vote nadda.

but that goes into hacking and TOS rules I wont break.

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

this will be the first dlc i never get since Modern Warfare (cod 4) im already bored of this game and its only November, its too much like mw3 with support and camping style maps and the spawns are a pure joke

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

When the latest playlist came out with all (or none) of the maps in it that segregated the playlist into 16 different mapsets.

So having you choose which maps you would like in the game would right now segregate the players into around 2 to the eighth power subset of playlists. They can afford that many playlists.

After the MW3 DLC fiasco they ALL lost a chance for the season pass. The BF3 one was fine even if you still got the first map pack free. But the MW3 issue turned me away completely.

For example the Forza Horizon Season Pass STILL costs you more than if you bought the car packs by themselves.

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

Ill bump this back up, looks like the season pass isn't the best deal after all,

first DLC was $14.99

Most recent one was only $11.99 when I bought it early on release day.

only gonna cost $50.96 buying them one at a time, $14.99 for the first DLC,

most recent DLC was only $11.99

If the rest are only $11.99

It will only cost 97 cents more then the season pass

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

I bought it an hour after it came out and it was still $14.99

It was a glitch for a short time...it wasn't suppose to be $11.99 so don't count on it.

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Re: Why Im not buying a Season Pass

They need to make the Pass much better value for money and include far more with it.

All the current camos, voice overs and bits the kids love should be included, and some only available if you have the Pass, they need to give people really big incentives to buy it and right now there isn't.

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