Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

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I've been thinking about the choices the Call of Duty makers make for weapon balance and i feel like they don't address the right issues. Yeah quick scoping is a 1 shot but every assault rifle is a 3 shot, every SMG is around the same. If quick scoping was as OP as they say it is, why don't they do it all the time in mlg? They need to start paying attention to the actually problems such as making other weapons viable for Competitive play, once again we see a game where you only use 4 guns out of the entire weapon selection because every other weapon gets melted in killing time compared to the Remington, or the MTAR; even the assault dog is op, it takes more damage than a human, and it glitches through walls and hasn't been addressed. All im saying is I.W need to wake up and fix the problems that actually matter making the game better. im both a quickscopers and i play Comp and i see no problem with killing a quickscoper in public matches, the kids who complain about quickscoping are the kids who cant even dropshot or they cant even jump while shooting. During the days of CoD 4, Quickscoping was seen as being skilled and no one complained about it but hey i get it, because you will complain about things you cant do its inevitable.However at the end of the day the thing that needs to be fixed in cod is the community.

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Sorry for the Wall of Text

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Wow.. Butt hurt huh??  QS is taking advantage of a mechanic that was never supposed to be there in the first place..(game engine flaw) As far as comp. play with snipers, they do in SnD. But as a "comp. player" you should know that it's not feasible to do when your team is counting on you to get to certain spots, or cut of points(respawn games) in a short amount of time due to the movement speed being reduced. Sounds like your just another one of the many ppl complaining about something b/c your gun skill is not up to par.. So you QS..  And now your rear is a little sore b/c your K/D will drop and you know you won't be able to get the scores or K/D you had before the incoming patch.. Guess you'll just have to camp with a 6 man party spawn trapping in blitz now. Which you prolly already do since your a "comp. player"..  Pro tip: go get some gun skill then you won't have to worry about how long/how many bullets it takes to kill. This game is about gun skill and kids getting host with mommy and daddy's low tier wifi connection.

The only reason they're doing this is b/c they know about the mechanics being off with scoping in and taking advantage of the aim assist.. I for one am happy and I thank Teanah, I.W. and Santa for this gift..(if it works)  Happy Holiday's!

P.s. Xmas noobs are on the rise, go practice using a gun that isn't flawed..

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Take it easy friend.

With all these adjustments taking place, I guarantee snipers will still be a very effective choice at all ranges. Some of the less educated part of the anti quickscoping community will realize that there butt isn't only sore from quickscopers but players that are just plain efficient with sniping quickly on the move.

We will see.....

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Quick Glitching is a HUGE problem in this game, and the only people who are defending it, are the ones who are doing it.  There are MILLIONS of problems with this game, and quick glitching is one of them, if not the most.

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As been said hundreds of times even though I dont quickscope. So that part about "the ones that defend it are the ones that do it" is wrong. It is consider as an exploit by the ones that cant avoid it, like for example the stupid players that run around a corner without checking and THEN not shooting fast enough for the quickscoper to ADS and shoot. Quickscopers KD ratio is one of the lowest in the game, so if you cant shoot a QSer fast enough you need to adjust your tactics. A QSer definitletly has a poor hit/miss  ratio compared to other shooters because they can only hit someone about one fourth the time.

Quickscoping is NOT a glitch in the game. It is planned by the developers to leave or keep in the game.All they have to do like in some previous games to make it so you ADS longer thus removing the so called "glitch".

They tried to remove the chance to quickscope in some previous games but it turned out to be a bad idea to the general quickscoping public.

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starbuckfrack wrote:

. Quickscopers KD ratio is one of the lowest in the game,

This is definitely true. Darth Super, probably one of the best Snipers in Ghosts shows off his K/D (1.09). He uses sniper rifles exclusively.

Call of Duty: Ghosts My Sniper Stats & Prestige 5 Finished - YouTube

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I wouldn't say sniper... I don't even know who he is and I don't really care, but I don't classify quickscoping as sniping. I am also sure that there are much better snipers that don't do that crap either.

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What about when I do check my corners and open fire on the sniper before they ADS, only to have them fake scope me 'boom' I'm dead.  Never mind how many rounds I'd put on them, how bloody red their screen was nor the fact that they never flinched but were so smoothly able to shoot one round directly on target while being fired upon.  Skill my ass, exploiting a game mechanic is more like it.

If those who crap scope can't see how having a OHK weapon from any range doesn't create an imbalance in the game so be it.  But I want an AR and or SMG that does the same thing and then maybe we'll see what you think about that.

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I think its a pretty good comment that the ones that defend it are the ones doing it.

Take bayview for example, you cant check 6 bloody directions quick enough. There is merit to what you are saying to some degree but if  the player is at a yards distance then reaction/ aiming is going to be an issue. Good for you if you find some way to counter this but i doubt every one who complains is incompetent and not trying.

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