Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

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Yeah I played BF4 at EGX. Had little to no problems firing the guns. I agree with you about both the DMRs and Shotties.

Heres the thing, I worry about QS being too EASY. I got my face smashed on BO1 by a quickscoper, and all I could do was take my hat off to the dude. Recent titles, I see so many people doing it, my concern is that its become too easy, or too easily learned. QS is a powerful tool, and not one that should be 'granted' lightly by the devs. The tweak they are giving IMO addresses this.

EDIT: Also, apologies for when my tone has become somewhat more heated. You've deffo given me some food for thought on the topic. Cheers for the patience

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I guess some people take Youtube for inspiration or use Youtube because they lack ideas?  When I see a weapon being overly used I always wonder which Youtube Hero has decided to dub them OP/best.  The only time I've seen some bizarre amount of successful quickscoping is in FFA and it's by people who use snipers nearly all the time with plenty of game time experience.  I may also have some possible hypocrisy accused to me by snipers if I advocate snipers having a lot of movement penalties as I use LMGs.  LMGs can be heavier although they are not the 30kg guns that some people always assume they are.  Perhaps more weapon attachments could influence how a good is being used.  For example, in BO2, the FN Ballista got a 15% reduction in ADS time with the iron sights attachment equipped.  This makes sense because you are sacrificing zoom with other attachments meaning longer ranged engagements are less viable.  To make up for that some benefit in a reduction of ADS time is given.  It's no different when comparing shorter ranged weapons you will see that, usually, there is a relationship between lower zoom levels and faster ADS times.  So long as the hipfire spread is proportional to the amount the player has ADS'd across all gun types I see that as fair.

The only thing I find a bit bizarre with ARs is how small damage and range sacrifices are compared to LMGs.  But I suspect it's partly down to developers bottling it from players moaning that they can't outsmart heavy gunners and want the game to be made easier.  That's what I saw in the suppressed sniper rifle nerf (if it has taken place) as suppressors only get a 25% range reduction on regular guns.

The only time I actively run and gun with a sniper rifle is on Cranked in Squads.  I've yet to do it properly on standard multiplayer.  I might have tried during clan wars when my side has an unassailable lead.  If IW made the shotguns better I'd be tempted to use them more.  I had the MTS suppressed out of my own ammo crate and it felt like I was using the AA-12 in MW3.  At least the AA-12 was fully automatic!

I mean speaking of Battlefield, shotguns get frag ammo (USAS) and I've seen more footage of people running and gunning aggressively with the M40A5 (a sniper rifle) using iron sight attachments.  I don't think I've ever seen players be as aggressive with the Ballista using iron sights in BO2 and that game overly favoured run and gunning, with much shorter sight lines, a lot more.  So perhaps those who used the iron sights on the Ballista are gamers who played WaW.

Nah that wasn't heated.  I remember my exchanges with that MLG guy who came on here.

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Hmmm,the Tac-12 is ok but not great. I've gotten OOH WHAT?! range kills, then barrel stuffed someone in the chest and wound up with a hitmarker and an ignominious death...

The MTS however, is great for getting the YEE-HAW challenge done. If you play HC, I'll be honest you might as well run with the UB Shotty attachment as its very very good in HC

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Is there anyone over the age of 12 that actually Quickscope?

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Yes, and most of the top Youtubers are older than 16.

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Think this vid perfectly sums up why the sniper riffles are getting patched enjoy 

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Yeah Buddy go 30/0 with the sniper and ten claim they are not OP.

Makes no sense at all.

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He was playing brutally bad players. Anyone smart would have avoided his sightlines, or pulled up somewhere, ADS'd at his hill and waited for him to pop his head out.

Anyhoo, IMO he mentioned the flaw in his own logic there - 'Learning Curve'. QS is something that can be learned, and something you can get proficient at. Once the proficiency is achieved, the weapons balance is out of whack. He calls them inconsistent - so are shotguns, yet they are physically restricted from operating outside of their intended ranges. Snipers aren't, and people have found out (and can LEARN) the workarounds.

Its true, he can pwn with any weapon he chooses. Plenty of people can. But the fact remains that when a weapon intended for long distance engagements ONLY becomes VIABLE, or even in certain situations EFFECTIVE in CQC etc, it needs tweaking. Sorry, but thats just how it is.

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Nice points, I agree. Close quarter combat gunfights against snipers are totally absurd. One panic shot up close, without them even needing to aim and bam, you can mistake them for using a shotgun.

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People don't want to watch a bad gameplay even if the point of the video is to complain about something being bad/underpowered. For example look at the video below of BF4. The commentator is basically telling why the DMRs suck but he has clips of him destroying people with them in the video.

Why DMRs Suck And What Should Be Done (Battlefield 4 Gameplay/Commentary) - YouTube

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